Published on March 15, 2018

The beginning of 2018 has been busy for Castor; this quarter, we have been working on various new features and improvements. You might have noticed one of our main updates: our Form Exchange! The Form Exchange allows researchers to easily share their study, report, and survey structures, as well as calculations, with other researchers. You can copy and download uploaded calculations and forms so you can use them in your own Castor study. This speeds up study building, making your research process more time efficient, and ensures all researchers can use validated forms.

We’re happy to announce that it is now easier to find, preview and upload forms. We therefore hope that this update will further encourage researchers to re-use existing forms instead of building them themselves. This short blog post will list the updates to the Form Exchange and how it will help you to set up your study even faster!

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Preview of the form structure

The improved form page now includes a preview section. This enables you to see a preview of the study phases and steps, reports, surveys, and option groups, before you download the form and import it in Castor.

Overview of variables in calculations

Variables that are used in calculations are now highlighted in blue, so you have a clear overview what variables are included in the calculation and what they stand for (e.g. ‘{dem_pat_gender}’ stands for the field ‘Gender’). This helps you to integrate the calculation in your existing structure.

Improved filtering and display of form lists
Searching for forms and filtering them is improved. Besides the free-text filter and the language and approved by filter, you can choose to order the forms by specific characteristics (number of downloads, rating, title, upload date), allowing you to find the exact form that you need.

No login needed

You can now browse the Form Exchange without logging in to Castor. You only have to log in if you want to download forms.

2 factor authentication accounts can log in

Do you use 2 factor authentication (2FA) in Castor? You may have noticed that you were unable to log into the previous version of the Form Exchange. We have improved this integration so that accounts with 2FA can now log in to the Form Exchange.

Visit to view (and use) the improved Form Exchange!

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