Castor for research institutes

Using Castor more widely has great benefits

“Castor is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use”
– Ariaan Siezen, Project Leader Digital Research Environment Radboudumc
  1. Happy researchers who will undertake all their studies in Castor with great ease
  2. All researchers can easily conform to Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
  3. All data will be safely stored 
  4. The standardisation enables data to be reused very easily
  5. No costs for other tools, for example for randomisation and patient questionnaires.
  6. We help you to turn Castor into a success within the institution

1. Happy researchers

Castor is praised for its user-friendliness. The researcher builds his or her own study structure and forms with Castor, and can make use of centrally offered, validated templates. With a central license, you ensure that all researchers can undertake all their studies easily, in a validated system.

2. A validated, compliant system for all

Clinical trials must comply with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines. Researchers can easily comply with this due to functions such as the audit trail, electronic signature, monitoring, advanced rights management, and more.

3. Safe data storage

Many countries have strict regulations on how to safely treat medical patient data. Often there are fines in place for violations such as the loss of a USB stick or laptop containing sensitive data. Through strong passwords, extensive authentication procedures, and ISO27001:2013 / NEN7510 certified hosting, we ensure that all data will be safe at all times. Read more.

4. Reusable research data

“Ensure reusability of your data by coding metadata”

By coding all researchers’ study data in the same way (using, for example, SNOMED, LOINC or your own codes) through standardised forms and questionnaires, it will save you work and guarantee you simple reusability of all the data. We believe in the FAIR principal (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable), which is why data are being saved in such a way that they can be easily exported to other applications.

5. Cost saving

Castor replaces the many specialised applications that are used a lot in medical research. This way, no more separate applications are necessary for randomisation or for sending out questionnaires. Moreover, there is no more need for internally hosted equipment (OpenClinica, REDCap, personally developed applications).

6. Successful together

“The workshop got me off to a flying start!” – Joyce Koffeman (Radboudumc)

We spend time together to stimulate the use as much as possible. By giving free workshops (online and/or on location), meeting on a Science Day, or even by holding a Launch Event, we together make sure that all researchers will start using Castor.

Castor EDC workshop at the Radboudumc

Castor EDC workshop at the Radboudumc

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