Premium Support

Get personalized advice from our experts tailored to your study requirements and make it even easier for yourself to get your study up and running.

A) Two personal online consultations for study building

One of our experts will guide you through eCRF solutions tailored to your study protocol. We show you tips you can use to efficiently build your study.

We help you create up to 5 calculations that might be necessary for your study.

B) Study setup validation

We will ensure your database is set up correctly before your study goes live and that you have taken advantage of all the features Castor has to offer. We will guarantee that data entry users will not encounter any technical difficulties with your eCRF.

C) Priority email and phone support after going live.

In case you have a question after your study has started, you can call us and get an immediate answer. Any emails we receive from you will assume priority.

You can also select a combined premium support package for a discount.

Consider one of our premium support modules if:

  • You want to have personal guidance on how to create your eCRF
  • Your study has a complex/specific setup
  • You are using many calculations (e.g. you are calculating multiple scores or you are using complex data validations)
  • This is your first Castor study and/or you have not used an EDC tool before


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