Electronic Data Capture (EDC) System for Academic Research

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Easy and flexible

With Castor, you can create and customize your own database in no time. Without any prior technical knowledge, you can build a study in just a few clicks using our intuitive Form Builder. Simply define your data points and start collecting high quality data, all you need is a web browser.

Form Builder Features


All the features you need

Efficient patient management

Randomize your patients and send out surveys to patients electronically.

File Search

Advanced monitoring

Monitor your study by raising queries and verifying the data.

User Settings

Defined user roles

Assign user roles for multi-center studies and notify study users about specified events.


Powerful calculations

Determine various scores and perform complex validations in real-time, using advanced calculations.

Secure and compliant

We guarantee the highest levels of security for your stored data. In addition, we make sure your data storage is compliant with all relevant regulations, such as ICH E6 Good Clinical Practice, GDPR, HIPAA, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001.

Our Security Statement
Our compliant and secure EDC platform
Electronic Data Capture (EDC) System Academic Researchers working

Pricing to fit your study needs

Castor’s suite of easy-to-use research tools is adaptable and ready to scale, whether you’re just starting your journey into hybrid trials or fully diving into decentralization.


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World-class support

Our support team has the required technical and medical knowledge to help you with your study. If you have a question or need advice, you can contact us and expect a response within one working hour. Free of charge. We also offer personalized advice from our experts tailored to your study, through our premium support modules.

Support Features

Customer Support

Institute site licenses

Our site license model enables institutes to easily and rapidly deploy Castor EDC across their entire research institute. This ensures that every researcher within the institute has access to a powerful, secure and compliant solution. Rather than paying separately for each individual study, researchers have their own Billing Code, meaning institutes will not incur additional costs for each new study. Institutes can proactively engage with their researchers through a customized welcome email and stay in control through monthly usage reports.

Solutions for Institutes

See what other researchers think about Castor

Josephine Lopes Cardozo

Clinical Researcher, Amsterdam

Beautiful program that monitors your progress in data entry and quickly shows you if you have forgotten a step. Building the database was easier than expected and using Castor instead of Excel saved me a lot of time.

Geke Blok

Head of Medical Education and Science

Castor supplies us with a secure, high-quality data management program that supports our research ambitions very well.

Pieternel Pasker-de-Jong

Science Officer and Senior Epidemiologist at Meander MC

User friendliness, affordable pricing and the flexibility of the Castor team made us choose Castor.

Diana Grootendorst

Science Coordinator and Senior Clinical Epidemiologist at the Haaglanden MC, Den Haag

The Castor Team has a strong experience with both research and data management, which is very valuable to us.

Remco den Ouden

Radboudumc Information Management

Researchers can do fantastic things with Castor EDC! Based on their study protocol they can easily build and change their study structure. One particular researcher was so creative that he incorporated a large part of the protocol in the study structure.

Brechtje Hesseling

Researcher at Reinier de Graaf Hospital

What I like about Castor is that I can create a user-friendly database that will also create a user-friendly output, i.e. that I can already prepare the data as much as possible to make data analysis easier.

Paul Teunissen

Research Fellow, Department of Cardiology at VU University Medical Center Amsterdam

Building the case report form was quick and easy with the FormBuilder.  We highly recommend Castor!

Bee Barbini

Research Assistant, HIV & Sexual Health at King’s College Hospital

I’m not a PC whizz, but with your guidance I was able to quickly and easily build my CRF.

PD Dr. med. Marco Düring

Principal Investigator, Institute for Stroke and Dementia Research, LMU Munich

Castor strikes the right balance: Comprehensive features and easy to use at an affordable price.

Ariaan Siezen

Project Leader Digital Research , Data Stewardship, Radboudumc

One of the many advantages of Castor is that they, as a company, are very innovative. Innovation is in their DNA, and this is a very good match with the dynamic world of medical research where we continually think of new functionalities and how to upgrade our surrounding ICT landscape. Castor EDC is a really good partner to develop with.

Dr. Nienke Legdeur

MD and Ph. D. Candidate at VU Medical Center

Within 1 week, our students were comfortable using Castor and able to capture data!

Mark C. Schuuring


The goal is to better connect patients and doctors through eHealth.

Jan de Waele

MD, PhD, Associate Professor at the University of Ghent

I find Castor EDC very easy to use! After watching the workshops I was able to easily create our eCRF in no time.

Sean Ianchulev


I didn’t watch the video tutorials, I jumped right in, explored Castor EDC, and was able to find my way around quickly.

Jennifer Breel

MPA Pain Medicine - Anesthesiology at the AMC

Castor meets all our requirements: GCP compliant, user-friendly, time-saver, audit trail.

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