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Learn about Castor, our goal, and the team.

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A short history

When he graduated in 2011, Derk Arts (MD, PhD and epidemiologist) discovered that there was no decent application for simple and affordable data management. He decided to found Ciwit, and developed the first version of Castor EDC himself.

Now, Ciwit has expanded into a team of 30+ people, specialized developers have taken over the programming work, and we are an established name within medical research.

Our goal

Our goal is to accelerate medical research by unlocking the potential of every byte of research data.

85% of medical research data is never reused. This is due to poor data quality, lack of standardization, and by the data being inaccessible to others. We have developed Castor Electronic Data Capture (EDC) to enable researchers to capture high-quality, standardized data at the source and make it available for re-use. Castor is the most user-friendly and affordable EDC in the world and is being used by more than 15000+ users across 2500+ studies.

The team

The team consists of Healthcare and IT enthusiasts who are eager to contribute to the improvement of medical research worldwide. We are a dynamic and diverse group of advising doctors, medical Information Science specialists, former Management Consultants, developers, testers, and graphic artists. We briefly introduce everyone on our team page.

Team page