Castor ePRO

Say goodbye to paper surveys. Capture and manage Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) data on a centralized clinical data platform.

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Easier than paper

Create complex surveys in minutes, using more than 21 field types, pre-built templates, and validations. Reduce time spent on rebuilding surveys from scratch by reusing existing surveys. 

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Don’t chase. Engage

Increase participant enrollment, retention, and experience through automated patient engagement. Easily manage survey participants through bulk invites, automatic triggers, and a dynamic dashboard.

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All your data, now connected

Save valuable time spent on integrating data from multiple sources by connecting all clinician, patient, and device data at an individual record level. Castor ePRO provides a complete overview of all data, including granular audit logging. 

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Easier than paper

Would you rather capture data directly in a secure cloud-based EDC platform or waste hours manually copying data from paper?

Create complex ePRO surveys in minutes

Create complex ePRO surveys in minutes

  • Flexible field logic and data validations
  • More than 21 field types
  • Pre-built templates
  • Multilingual surveys
  • Mandatory field warnings

Don’t chase. Engage

Own the entire patient experience with automated patient engagement, and increase overall participant enrollment and retention.

Easily manage survey participants

Easily manage survey participants

  • Smart segmentation by study phase and demographics
  • Bulk invite survey participants 
  • Dynamic dashboard to track survey progress

Save time with automated survey events

Save time with automated survey events

  • Survey reminders
  • Automatically schedule surveys via time and action-based triggers 
  • Auto-lock completed surveys
  • Survey completion notifications

Securely store your data

Securely store your data

  • Real-time and automatic data save
  • Study backups 4 times per day
  • Large File Uploads (up to  2GB)
  • CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail
  • Disaster recovery support
  • Field level encryption
  • Two-factor authentication
  • 15-year data retention
  • Automated pseudonym generation
  • Encrypted data at rest

All your data, now connected

Be it 10 surveys or 100, get a complete record-level overview by unifying clinician, patient, and device data in a single platform.

Connect and collect

Connect and collect

  • Complete overview of all data 
  • Integrated data from various devices and sources at a record level
  • Device data collected via Castor API 
  • Real-time upload of completed assessments
  • Export all data connected to an individual record (CSV, Excel, or SPSS)
  • Granular audit logging
  • Dynamic custom dashboard

Our customers love us

"Intuitive platform, easy to set up"

“We found Castor EDC very easy to set up on our own and use. We always get an answer straight away when we have questions. It’s a cost-effective alternative to paper CRFs and much safer and easier to use.”


-Petra Jongmans, Atos Medical

"Excellent features"

“Impressive flexibility, ability to customize forms with (almost) any imaginable feature/data flow. Castor EDC is a great product with prompt and knowledgeable customer support.”


-Elena Allen, Rodin Scientific

"Easy to use, well-designed, and very helpful"

“Castor EDC has been everything we hoped it would be. It is easy to learn and set up. Our study sites have liked it and found it very easy to use. It is feature-complete, doing everything we need it to do.”


-Bill Haack, Cadex Genomics

"High-quality and compliant EDC"

“Our clinical study managers are able to build out each study with little to no help from Castor. The database is easy to use by both clinical sites and sponsors. As an early-stage start up company we are happy to have found a high-quality compliant system we can afford.”


-Lisa Misell, Dyve Biosciences

"Best value and also best product

“This product includes EVERYTHING you can find in all of the competing products, including the regulatory requirements, but is so much less expensive that it is not even worth checking out the other companies. This is my go to platform for all of my clients’ clinical trials.”


-Sharon Goldfarb, SGConsulting

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