Real-World Evidence

Simplify clinical trials with Castor Real-World Evidence (RWE). From recruitment to analysis, Castor makes it easy to deploy clinical trials at scale and capture real-world data (RWD) in one centralized platform.

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Real World Evidence
What you need, when you want it

What you need, when you need it

With pre-configured modules, Castor helps you uncover valuable insights from real-world settings while expanding access to global trial populations. Pick and choose the modules that are right for your study needs at any given time.

Real world data, real time insights

Easily integrate and unify all your clinical research data. From EHR to wearable data and more, you can connect a variety of real-world data sources directly into Castor. Plus, integrated data is standardized so you can improve efficacy without the burden of manual data transcription and standardization.

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Easy to use, easy to deploy

More than 90% of Castor’s studies are deployed within the first 4 weeks. Configure studies with ease, so getting started is less burdensome for sites, study teams, and patients.

3 ways to get started with Castor RWE

Case study: Mars Petcare Biobank Study

Mars Petcare is using Castor’s clinical trial platform to follow thousands of cats and dogs throughout their life, and generate real-world evidence to determine how dietary interventions can improve their quality of life. By monitoring a pet’s behavior and activity levels over time, scientists will be able to identify potential signs of disease as well as new ways to help prevent illness.



year study

eRecruitment, pre-screening and hybrid eConsent

eRecruitment landing page and pre-screening surveys delivered to thousands of pet owners via Castor, enabling hybrid eConsent via a participant’s mobile device or at a veterinary clinic.

WISDOM PANEL™ DNA test and WHISTLE™ FIT Activity Monitor shipped

DNA test and activity monitor, provided to each participant, collect real-world insights into pet’s behavior and activity levels.

ePRO to collect data from animal owners, EDC to collect onsite data at veterinary clinics

Castor ePRO used to collect data directly from pet owner’s mobile device, and EDC used to collect onsite data at veterinary clinics.

API used to unite all data sources in one platform, including Mars Petcare LIMS


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Customers love us

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Easy to use, well-designed and very helpful
“Castor has been everything we hoped it would be. It is easy to learn and set up. Our study sites have liked it and found it very easy to use. It is feature complete, doing everything we need it to do.”
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“EDC system with multifunctional capabilities”

“It’s been great working with Castor, and their customer service always responds so promptly and is always super helpful. Easy data download process and great interface.”

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“High-quality and compliant EDC”
“Our clinical study managers are able to build out each study with little to no help from Castor. The database is easy to use by both clinical sites and sponsors. As an early-stage start up company we are happy to have found a high-quality compliant system we can afford.”
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“Intuitive platform, easy to set up”
“We found Castor EDC very easy to set up on our own and use. We always get an answer straight away when we have questions. It’s a cost-effective alternative to paper CRFs and much safer and easier to use.”
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“Excellent features”
“Impressive flexibility, ability to customize forms with (almost) any imaginable feature/data flow. Castor EDC is a great product with prompt and knowledgeable customer support.”
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Learn how you can simplify your clinical trials with Castor Real-World Evidence (RWE)

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