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Offer: small studies are free

Small studies, as indicated in the price calculator are free for non-profit organizations. There is a maximum of 5 free studies per academic department or non-academic institute.

Non-commercial and commercial

We differentiate between non-commercial (non-profit) and commercial studies. If you are a commercial company (e.g. CRO) or your study Sponsor is a commercial company (e.g. a Pharmaceutical company or a Medical Device company) our commercial pricing applies. The study Sponsor is the organization that has initiated the study and is designated as such in your study protocol.

Central contract with Castor Package

Save up to 60% with a Castor Package for your institute

We allow institutes to centrally provide Castor to all their researchers by buying a Castor Package. Besides happy researchers, this has countless additional benefits such as mass GCP compliance and data standardization.

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