Electronic Informed Consent (eConsent) Software for Clinical Trials

Streamline and automate study recruitment, screening, and consent with Castor eConsent. Designed for decentralized and hybrid research projects to deliver compliant, site-friendly, patient-centric experiences.

Streamline Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

Digital patient enrollment can make the difference between hitting or missing your recruitment targets.

Custom Recruitment Landing Page

Custom Recruitment Landing Page

Streamline and accelerate patient recruitment with a custom landing page to automate your recruitment and screening workflow:

  • Remove the dependency on in-person site visits
  • Reduce operational overhead at sites
  • Increased visibility into recruitment targets

Digitize the Informed Consent Process

Take advantage of a configurable eConsent workflow and create the perfect fit for your study. Automate the patient enrollment process and enroll participants directly in our connected EDC platform.

Through a digital consent solution, you bring transparency and offer patients much-needed flexibility for remote consenting.

  • Effortless, traceable, and fully compliant with US 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signature requirements
  • Maximize patient comprehension with diagrams, images, videos, and screen readers for accessibility
  • Increase engagement and retention by ensuring critical information is always available online

Host Electronic Consent Visits Remotely with Video

Engage participants in the comfort of their home with secure video calling. Build trust, increase comprehension, and maintain a high-touch patient experience right in the app!

Castor’s built-in video conferencing capability keeps you focused on participants and provides a seamless enrollment experience.

  • Conduct secure peer-to-peer video calls with industry-leading encryption
  • Build confidence and assurance for both study teams and patients in the new remote trial space
  • Minimize overhead by eliminating vendor management concerns with 3rd party video tools

Learn how eConsent software streamlines enrollment and increases retention

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