Electronic Data Capture (EDC) System for Clinical Research Trials

Maximize productivity by easily capturing, processing, and integrating data from multiple sources on a compliant electronic data capture (EDC) system.

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Rapid study deployment

Reduce time spent on building and managing studies. Be it single center or multicenter studies, Castor EDC’s user-friendly form builder, advanced user management and workflow will streamline your data capture for all your clinical trials. Castor ranks amongst the top 5% EDCs for shortest build times, with over 90% of studies being deployed within 4 weeks.

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Timely database lock

Reduce database lock delays by leveraging direct input validation, edit checks and automations to capture only clean study data. 87% of our customers mention User Friendliness as a main advantage, reducing site startup time and minimizing  data entry errors.

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Integrated data

Save valuable time spent on integrating and harmonizing data from multiple sources by connecting all clinician, patient, and device data at an individual record level. Castor’s electronic data capture (EDC) system directly integrates eSource, eCRF, ePRO/COA, laboratory and device data.

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Rapid study deployment

Efficiently build and manage your studies using Castor EDC’s user-friendly form builder, powerful calculations, advanced user management and workflow.

Build advanced eCRFs in minutes

Build advanced eCRFs in minutes

  • User-friendly form builder with 21 different field types
  • Use pre-built templates
  • Clone and reuse web-based forms 
  • Add unlimited data fields 
  • Easily set up complex calculations and field dependencies

Advanced and flexible user management

Advanced and flexible user management

  • Set up granular user-rights
    – Admin
    – Data management
    – Monitoring
    – Custom
  • Provide role-based electronic case report form (eCRF) visibility
  • Controlled user access across visits
  • Add unlimited users
  • Use one Castor account for all your studies

Timely database lock

Efficiently capture and store data on a secure and compliant electronic data capture (EDC) system.

Ensure high-quality, clean data capture

Ensure high-quality, clean data capture

  • Easily capture repeating measurement like
    – Medical history
    – Concomitant medications
    – Unscheduled visits
    – Adverse events
  • Capture data on multiple devices
    – Desktop
    – Mobile
    – Tablet
  • Collect unlimited data points
  • Set up real-time data validation checks
  • Automatic data saving
  • Electronic signing
  • Easily navigate across visits 

Run your trial efficiently

Run your trial efficiently

  • Review study subject progress at-a-glance
  • Raise and manage queries throughout your study
    – Assign query permissions on user level
    – Keep track of discrepancies through centralized overview
    – Communicate easily between monitor and data manager
  • Easily set up complex randomization. We support
    – Blinded randomization
    – Weighted randomization
    – Variable block randomization ([2,4], [2,4,6], [4,6], [4,6,8],[6,8,10])
    – Stratification by categorical fields and institutes

Securely store your data

Securely store your data

  • Large File Uploads (up to 2GB)
  • CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail
  • Disaster recovery support
  • Field level encryption
  • Two-factor authentication
  • 15-year data retention
  • Automated pseudonym generation
  • Encrypted data at rest
  • Private castor cloud

Integrated data from the start

Get a complete overview of your study data with all clinician, patient, and device data integrated at an individual record level. 

Connect and collect

Connect and collect

Our customers love us

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"EDC system with multifunctional capabilities"

“It’s been great working with Castor, and their customer service always responds so promptly and is always super helpful. Easy data download process and great interface.”


-Arick Wong, Lucira Health

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"High-quality and compliant EDC"

“Our clinical study managers are able to build out each study with little to no help from Castor. The database is easy to use by both clinical sites and sponsors. As an early-stage start up company we are happy to have found a high-quality compliant system we can afford.”


-Lisa Misell, Dyve Biosciences

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"Intuitive platform, easy to set up"

“We found Castor EDC very easy to set up on our own and use. We always get an answer straight away when we have questions. It’s a cost-effective alternative to paper CRFs and much safer and easier to use.”


-Petra Jongmans, Atos Medical

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"Best value and also best product

“This product includes EVERYTHING you can find in all of the competing products, including the regulatory requirements, but is so much less expensive that it is not even worth checking out the other companies. This is my go to platform for all of my clients’ clinical trials.”


-Sharon Goldfarb, SGConsulting

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"Excellent features"

“Impressive flexibility, ability to customize forms with (almost) any imaginable feature/data flow. Castor EDC is a great product with prompt and knowledgeable customer support.”


-Elena Allen, Rodin Scientific

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"Easy to use, well-designed, and very helpful"

“Castor EDC has been everything we hoped it would be. It is easy to learn and set up. Our study sites have liked it and found it very easy to use. It is feature-complete, doing everything we need it to do.”


-Bill Haack, Cadex Genomics

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