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Efficiently build and deploy clinical trials that leverage data from any source on our self-service platform.

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Efficiently manage data for your studies and registries on the best reviewed data capture platform

Phase 1 Studies

Build your Phase 1 studies in days through pre-built eCRFs and an intuitive form builder, or let our experienced build team handle it. With our support, customers build, test and deploy Phase 1 studies in weeks instead of months. 

Clinical Studies

Phase 2 Studies

Seamlessly run multicenter trials across the globe and capture high-quality, submission-ready data from patients and clinicians by leveraging our EDC, eCOA (including ePRO), EHR eSource, eConsent, and IRT modules.

Post-market surveillance

Phase 4, PMS, and Registries

Castor EDC can be easily configured for different study types. Combined with its low cost of ownership, Castor is the perfect solution for running large phase 4 studies and lengthy post-marketing surveillance (PMS) projects. Our extensive experience in academic research ensures effective collaboration with your sites.

All the modules you need to run efficient trials

Get started quickly

Access world-class support

  • Get expert help in less than 30 minutes during business hours
  • Ongoing support to the central study team as well as to the sites conducting data entry

Ensure high-quality data

  • Real-time validation and edit checks
  • Easily edit forms mid-study to accommodate protocol amendments

Capture data from multiple sources

  • Capture EDC and eCOA data on a centralized platform
  • Integrate your devices using our API

Efficiently run multicenter studies

Get ready for submission

  • Perform medical coding (WHODrug and MedDRA) in real time with our coding integration
  • Trust our experts to ensure delivery of submission-ready SDTM files

Enable real-time reporting

Easily export and analyze your data

  • Export in CSV, Excel, SPSS or R
  • Analyze in the tool of your choice (SAS, STATA, SPSS or R)

Efficiently manage your internal regulatory compliance process

Our compliance package ensures you have access to the validation documentation needed for each stage of your internal regulatory compliance process.


Industry-leading security

Data security is paramount to protect your data. We are ISO 27001 certified, and features like field encryption and user-management put you in control of data access.


Comply with international laws and standards

Castor helps you comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ICH E6 Good Clinical Practice, HIPAA, and GDPR.


Reduce cost and information overload

With a qualified team of experts, Castor can support you with study design, setup, conduct, and regulatory processes.


Maximize value from data

Castor’s technology helps you maximize value from both internal and Investigator Initiated Study data to efficiently get your products to market.

Our customers love us

"High-quality, compliant & affordable EDC"

“Our clinical study managers are able to build out each study with little to no help from Castor. The database is easy to use by both clinical sites and sponsors. As an early-stage start up company we are happy to have found a high-quality compliant system we can afford.”


-Lisa Misell, Dyve Biosciences

"Easy to use, well-designed, and very helpful"

“Castor EDC has been everything we hoped it would be. It is easy to learn and set up. Our study sites have liked it and found it very easy to use. It is feature-complete, doing everything we need it to do.”


-Bill Haack, Cadex Genomics

"Affordable EDC with multifunctional capabilities"

“It’s been great working with Castor, and their customer service always responds so promptly and is always super helpful. Easy data download process, great interface, and very affordable compared to the other EDC systems out there.”


-Arick Wong, Lucira Health

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