Castor’s Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) Platform
Built for researchers. Built for patients. Built to scale.

Castor’s suite of decentralized research tools is adaptable whether you’re just starting your journey into hybrid trials or you are ready to fully dive into decentralization.

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Flexible tech for modern clinical trial needs

Castor offers decentralized clinical trial software that empowers you with unparalleled control. Each DCT module can be used alone or together, enabling you to plug-and-play with each tool, build a foundation of technology that can flex to meet your unique study needs, and scale at your own pace.

Simplifying clinical research for you and the patient

Build clinical trials that are more efficient and more engaging for your participants with automated recruitment and enrollment, a native ePRO app for simplified data collection, and an intuitive interface with built-in video capability.

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High quality, centralized data collection that makes sense for you

With Castor, you can always feel empowered to design a DCT workflow that’s flexible  and right for your trial, while never losing confidence in the strength of your data. Our open API gives customers the freedom to work with other platforms and data in their clinical trial ecosystem, integrating data from all sources and standardizing them for clinical relevance.

Success story

Launching a successful COVID-19 study with Castor’s DCT platform

World’s first study to use machine learning in diagnosis of COVID-19, supported by TAKEDA and Julius Clinical

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“Using Castor, we succeeded in recruiting over 17,824 patients enrolled in 15 weeks during a global pandemic, an achievement that could not have been accomplished without tools purpose-built with decentralized trials in mind.”

Marcel Van Willigen
Julius Clinical


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Key features

video play button eRecruitment and pre-screening

Ensure eligibility, increase your reach to potential participants, and reduce site and participant burden with pre-screening surveys.

hybrid consent Hybrid eConsent for remote or on-site

Castor’s eConsent solution features built-in video conferencing, so you can provide a high-touch experience while minimizing the distance participants need to travel.

simplify participant data collection Native ePRO app and eCOA solution

Increase engagement by providing an enhanced experience for participants and reduce administrative burden by simplifying data collection.

connected wearable device Sensor & wearable integration

Collect real-time biometric data and other digital endpoints with Castor’s robust API and philosophy of interoperability.

worldwide reusable data EDC with seamless integration

Castor’s built-in EDC system makes it easier to deploy studies faster, capture real-world trial data, and integrate it seamlessly with other data in your ecosystem.

upload cloud API and Interoperability

Minimize SDV procedures and data error while eliminating your need for duplicate documentation.

Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® of Decentralized Clinical Trials Products Assessment 2021

Delivering shorter build-times and seamless integration

Clinical trials succeed when data flows. That’s why we’re reengineering traditionally stodgy processes with a high barrier to entry with easy to use digital tools that accelerate the research process.
See how Castor is a Major Contender impacting the market in the Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® of Decentralized Clinical Trials Products Assessment 2021

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Interested in implementing DCT technology into your next clinical trial, but not sure where to start?

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