Field Encryption

This feature enables users to store and protect personal identifiable information (PII). See below for more details.

What is Field Encryption?


Our field encryption feature allows sensitive and personal identifiable information (PII) to be stored with your study data; saving time managing separate databases, reducing duplication of study records and improving the security of your data storage.

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How does Field Encryption work?


Managing encryption permissions

The study creator will be able to assign who can grant/remove rights for various functionality to all users of the study.


Adding encrypted data fields to forms

During form creation, you decide which fields will be encrypted, and require an additional layer of protection.


Encrypt data on data collection

Upon data collection the field is encrypted automatically, ensuring data visibility and exposure is kept at a minimum.


Searching encrypted fields

Encrypted data can be searched only through an exact match, to ensure privacy and brute force attempts to uncover participant identity.


View the encrypted data (decrypt)

Add permissions for your data monitors so they can easily search and complete source data verification using PII on the patients health record.

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