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Seamlessly capture and integrate clinician (eCRF), patient (ePRO and eCOA), eConsent, EHR, and device data.


Transferring data from multiple sources into an EDC system used to be a slow and challenging process.

Castor’s RESTful API enables you to capture data directly from multiple data sources (eSource) in a secure platform designed for handling and storing sensitive study data. 

Our API  has been used to connect to different platforms, including:

  • CTMS
  • Medical devices (including IOT)
  • Wearables
  • Automated participant payments
  • Custom ePRO scheduling
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Our EDC can be connected to any modern EMR system, saving data entry personnel valuable time, preventing data-entry mistakes, and most importantly, removing the need for SDV. Resulting in significant cost reductions.

Castor uses HL7 FHIR to communicate with other health platforms. While the major use-case here is EMR connectivity, more and more platforms support the HL7 FHIR standards.

This integration is not available off the shelf and needs to be configured and implemented for individual projects.

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Castor supports industry trends by enabling our customers to recruit and enroll patients through a customized enrollment portal that automates enrollment workflows. Participants sign up through a customized enrollment portal. They are invited to the eConsent platform, and after registration are shown the Informed Consent form. Upon consenting a screening survey is sent out and the patient is added to the EDC platform.

This integration needs to be configured and implemented for individual projects.

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devicesTrial tokenization to enable RWD linkage

Utilize privacy-protecting linking technology to enable the linkage of real-world data (RWD) to clinical data, at the patient-level. By creating encrypted linking tokens for each enrolled patient, sponsors gain the ability to link real-world data at any time.  This technology can be used to link to electronic health records to run a hybrid trial, pull in diagnostic lab data for a retrospective sub-cohort analysis, or link to all future claims data for long-term monitoring.

Powered by Castor partner Datavant. This service is available for US customers.

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While Castor doesn’t directly integrate with other EDCs, we do offer support to migrate your study data from other EDC and legacy systems to Castor EDC.

Utilize Castor EDC’s study and data migration services to easily migrate your existing study data from legacy tools (paper and Excel) or other EDC platforms into Castor EDC. 

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