Flexibility in a world of protocol

Castor’s clinical trial technology combines flexibility and adaptability with its user-friendly interface, enabling CROs to easily scale operations and pave the way for growth.

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Streamline and scale your clinical trial

Castor’s technology offers Contract Research Organizations (CROs) a practical way to streamline and scale their clinical trials. The modular platform adapts to the unique requirements of each study, enhancing flexibility in your trial design and execution. Designed for ease of use and built for scalability, Castor’s patient-centric solution powers your trials faster, without compromising quality.

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Powerful solutions for CROs

  • EDC

    Maximize productivity and flexibility by capturing, processing, and integrating data from multiple sources on a compliant electronic data capture (EDC) system.

  • ePRO

    Say goodbye to paper surveys. Capture and manage patient data right from the source – prioritizing data quality on a centralized platform. 

  • eConsent

    Create effortless experiences for patients with an all-in-one solution to remotely recruit, screen and enroll patients from the comfort of their home.

  • DCT

    Make your sponsors happy with proven ROI. Learn how Castor’s all-in-one DCT platform can help drive efficiencies and patient experience in your clinical trials.

Easy to use, easy to deploy

With over 90% of studies being deployed within 4 weeks, CROs can reduce time spent building and managing studies with the control to quickly adapt to mid-study changes.

Flexibility to scale

Castor's modular platform offers a flexible approach to study build & design - select only the modules you require. Choose your support level: self-service for complete control, assisted-build for guided support, or a comprehensive Castor-led study build.

Tech first, research always

An open API gives CROs the freedom and flexibility to integrate with other in-house or vendor platforms and eSource data, maximizing chances of study success.

Castor gets CROs real results

Castor partners with you from the get-go to ensure that our solutions are optimized to your study design. Having supported over 14K+ studies with over 6m+ enrolled patients, Castor is there for every step, from design to study closure.

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Product Spotlight: Castor ePRO

In this on-demand webinar we dive into the benefits and capabilities of ePRO, and how Castor’s web and mobile ePRO applications empower your hybrid or decentralized trial.

17,824 patients in 15 weeks

“Using Castor, we succeeded in recruiting over 17,824 patients enrolled in 15 weeks during a global pandemic, an achievement that could not have been accomplished without tools purpose-built with decentralised trials in mind.”

Marcel Van Willigen 
Julius Clinical

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