Watch our on-demand webinar featuring CVS Healthspire™ Life Sciences Solutions. Real-World Evidence (RWE) is revolutionizing life sciences research by providing additional insights into healthcare utilization, diseases and conditions, and patient outcomes. In this session, we explore how CVS Healthspire Life Sciences Solutions and Castor’s direct-to-participant technology enable secure, global data capture with flexible long-term and mid-study data collection.

Agenda highlights:

  • RWE and the regulatory landscape: Understand the growing importance of RWE in drug reimbursement, post-market acceptance, and regulatory perspectives.
  • Direct to participant workflows: Learn how innovative workflows are enhancing the design of RWE studies, and how a combination of data and technology support large scale RWE studies.
  • The science of RWE: Gain insights into the potential of RWE to generate science that can impact prescribing decisions in day-to-day care.
  • Case studies & data strategies: Get valuable insights from the case studies presented by the CVS Healthspire Life Sciences Solutions team, with real-world examples showcasing successful RWE study designs and data strategies.


Watch now to learn how RWE and CVS Healthspire Life Sciences Solutions are transforming life sciences research through secure and data-driven innovation.
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