Easily create advanced forms

  • Advanced calculations within and across forms

    Castor’s calculation field allows you to incorporate highly useful calculations in your study, in a way that sets it apart from other data capture systems. Create complex real-time edit checks, and limit field visibility based on multiple conditions being met.

  • User-friendly form builder

    Castor EDC allows researchers to easily build complex forms on their own. Anyone can use our cloud-based, user friendly form builder without formal training.

  • Import pre-built forms from our Form Exchange

    Our Form Exchange is the ideal place to source pre-built calculations, study forms, reports, and surveys shared by other users. Be part of our community by upvoting the best submissions or uploading your own forms to the exchange.

  • 21 different field types

    Our wide and varied selection of field types allow you to customize your study using dropdowns, checkboxes, sliders, radio buttons, date, time, calculations and many more.

  • Repeated measurements

    Create forms for repeating and unscheduled data such as SAE forms and clinical observations (e.g. blood pressure).

  • More…

    eCRF customization for study groups

    Study & Trial phases and steps manager

    Unscheduled forms (SAE, concommitant medication etc.)


Capture high quality data

  • Real-time edit checks across forms

    Use our advanced calculations to create complex, real-time edit checks across fields and forms. Calculate using categorical, linear and time variables. Real-time execution ensures that you obtain the clean, valid data you require to write and publish your research.

  • Unlimited fields and data points

    Although every researcher should consider carefully what data they truly need, we will not restrict you! Create as many fields as your study needs, Castor offers your unlimited fields and thus unlimited data points!

  • Automatic data saving

    Avoid the tragedy of lost data through a weak WIFI connection or your laptop dying with Castor’s automatic data saving.

  • Unscheduled (repeating) forms (SAE, concommitant medication etc.)

    Add unscheduled forms (reports) whenever needed, including SAE forms, unplanned hospitalization or medication use. Capture data for repeating data such as clinical observations (e.g. blood pressure).


  • Field encryption

    Securely store and protect sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII) with your study data. Click here to learn more about field encryption.

  • File attachments

    Upload and attach files such as medical imaging and videos to your study. Files up to 2GB can be uploaded in several formats using Castor’s secure and compliant platform. This helps ensure your data storage meets stringent compliance requirements, including HIPAA, GCP, CFR part 11, ISO 27001, and NEN 7510. 

  • More…

    User friendly interface

    Summary of collected data

    Electronic signing

    Serious Adverse Event (SAE) reports

Let your patients speak (ePRO)

  • Patient surveys (ePRO)

    Capture data at the true source: the patient: Design, edit and send electronic patient-reported outcome surveys (ePROs) using Castor’s intuitive platform, seamlessly tracking survey distribution and retrieving responses.

  • Easily manage invitations

    Send individual or multiple invitations immediately, or schedule them to be sent later. Check the status of your invitations, send survey reminders or analyze responses as they come in.

  • Bulk invite patients

    Save time by sending out mass survey invitations to a group of patients in one go. Our platform enables you to effectively organize patients into specific ‘record groups’ to which a survey invitation can be distributed. Bulk invitations can be monitored and tracked anytime in the ‘survey overview’ hub.

  • Value Based Healthcare

    Use our compliant data capture and survey platform to give your organization a competitive advantage through Value Based Healthcare. Combine ePRO, experience sampling, clinical data capture and real-time benchmarking to make sure your patients get the best possible care.



  • Automated sending based on triggers

    The Castor Automation Engine sends surveys automatically in response to a set of pre-specified triggers including condition types or submitted fields. For example: “send the [post-op survey] to any patient that had a [hip replacement] exactly [30 days after] the [date of surgery]”.


  • More…

    Combine surveys into packages

    Immediate data saving

    Mobile friendly

    Encrypted participant email addresses

    Send survey reminders

Run your trial efficiently with Castor EDC

Run your trial efficiently

  • Stratified block randomization

    Castor’s stratified block randomization module makes it easy for any user to set up a complex randomization within the EDC system. Our module supports blinded, weighted randomization, variable block sizes (for two groups: [2,4], [2,4,6], [4,6], [4,6,8],  [6,8,10]) and stratification by categorical fields and institute. User roles for blinded randomization can be created, allowing them to randomize patients without revealing allocation.


  • Collaborate with users from sites across the globe

    Global access to Castor EDC takes your study beyond the confines of one institute and allows users to contribute from around the world. Advanced user management allows you to customize access for each individual participating in your study.


  • Customize eCRF visibility for roles

    Take control over eCRF visibility by assigning user roles for an institute and hiding parts of the study based on a particular role. We’ve already defined three basic roles; ‘admin’, ‘data-entry’ and ‘monitor’, and you can either use these or define your own. You can assign rights or update permissions as and when required.


  • Patient progress dashboard

    Monitor patient progress at-a-glance, viewing steps or phases in the dashboard filtered by conditions such as record status or institute name. Each phase or step is colored in based on their respective completion status, and queries are highlighted by red question marks for your convenience.

  • Powerful automation engine

    Increase the overall efficiency of your study by automating tedious manual tasks and creating actions in response to a particular event or trigger. Set up, test and edit your automations within the Automation Engine.

  • More…

    Condition based notifications

    Advanced and flexible authorization management

    Unlimited users

    Real time study statistics

Manage study data in one place

  • Coding metadata

    Looking to the future, we see a time where data collection happens in a standardized and uniform way, allowing for easier integration with external data sources and helping with the reuse of data sets for future studies. Collecting data in a standardized way starts by coding your fields and data, so we’ve introduced the possibility to flexibly add metadata to your fields using international standards like SNOMED, LOINC or EPIC codes.

  • Print eCRFs and forms

    Castor allows you to quickly print empty or completed CRFs, or save them as PDF. This makes it easier to share or archive cases offline.

  • Export data to SPSS, Excel and CSV format

    Export  your data from Castor in on click to SPSS, Excel and CSV. Furthermore we offer our customers an R package that uses our API to quickly build a complete R dataframe in real time. Contact support for more information.

  • Query management & SDV

    Raise queries and find solutions throughout your study with Castor’s query management feature. Our platform allows team members assigned ‘query’ permissions in their user rights, to identify and highlight queries by leaving a comment and conversing in the queried field.


  • Import data as CSV

    Castor allows you to import data through a CSV file. When importing data Castor evaluates all edit checks (validations) to ensure only valid data are imported. Our import feature also allows you to bulk create new records and to import e-mail address for usage in surveys (e-mail addresses are always encrypted during import).

  • More…

    Access your data at all times

    Extensive data retention

    Archive patient records

Standardized integrations

  • HL7 FHIR importer

    Import and map data straight from any large EHR (including EPIC)  into your clinical studies using HL7 FHIR. This can save hours and hours of time spent on copying data. Read more about the benefits of our FHIR importer in our Radboudumc case study.

  • RESTful API

    Benefit from Castor EDC’s advanced functionality while using your own interface, thanks to our RESTful API. Retrieve, add and analyze study data with full Castor compliance and security, while maintaining your own branding and image. Ultimately, this feature allows you to save time and enjoy peace of mind with an interface designed for handling and storing sensitive study data.

    View our API documentation

  • Manage Consent for you study and future projects with MyConsent

    By using secure authentication and cryptographic techniques, MyConsent facilitates the creation of an anonymous link between a research participant and data-sets stored elsewhere.

    With this link, researchers are able to ask research participants for consent without having to know their identity, only using the data-set identifier.

  • Manage study logistics with Ldot

    We’ve integrated with Ldot, a logistical support tool created by MEMIC to provide logistical support for clinical trials. The trial management software keeps track of patient appointments, using Castor’s API to automatically dispatch survey invites at a designated time point, sending SMS reminders or keeping track of survey progress.

Secure and compliant

  • 21 CFR Part 11

    Castor EDC has been designed to allow users to more effectively comply with Title 21 CFR Part 11. The platform has a number of inbuilt features and security structures to ensure your electronic records and electronic signatures are as reliable, safe and equivalent to paper records.

  • GDPR Compliant

    Our features have been designed and optimized to enable your organization to fulfill the  requirements of EU GDPR. From privacy-by-design in the application to a data processing registry. Castor is fully compliant with GDPR and enables you to be so too. Relevant documentation regarding GDPR can be made available upon request.

  • Two-Factor-Authentication

    Add a layer of security with two-factor authentication (Google Authenticator), confirming a user’s claimed identify by utilizing something they know (password) as well as a second factor other than something they have or something they are, making your account even more secure.

  • Encrypted Communication and Data

    Castor encrypts all communication to our servers using  TLS (1.1 or 1.2) through HSTS. This keeps your data secure while in transit and out of reach from unauthorized recipients.

    Our encryption module allows you to encrypt data on disk using study-institute specific encryption groups. Ensuring data on disk can only by decrypted by users with the proper rights. Contact us for more information.

  • ISO 27001 & 9001 Compliant

    Castor EDC  is fully ISO 27001, 27002 and 9001 certified. Certificates and statements of applicability can be made available upon request.

  • More…

    GCP compliant

    Audit trail

    Strong Passwords

Our compliant and secure EDC platform


  • Video tutorials & Online support manual

    We’ve put together a range of video tutorials, designed to help you get the most out of the Castor app. From setting up your study to managing survey automation, our concise how-to videos and tutorials are well worth checking out. Our online support manual is brimming with useful content and explainer articles for each and every feature on the platform.

  • Free email support during working hours

    When a query or issue arises about our platform, our experienced team is on ready to help. We provide free email support during working hours, ensuring a same-day response. You can also access a wealth of information and explainer articles on our support website anytime.

  • Study building

    Our study building service is a great way to get the most out of the Castor platform, utilizing the expertise and knowledge of our team. We work with you to identify your objectives and build your study, making use of all relevant features and optimizing data returns. This is a separate service and quotations are available on request.

  • Additional Support

    Get personalized advice from our experts tailored to your study requirements and make it even easier for yourself to get your study up and running.


    You can read about what our academic Premium Support modules offer here or check our SLAs for commercial pricing

  • Online Manual

    Access our comprehensive online manual (500 articles and counting) to help you get most the most out of your research project in Castor EDC.