Our Academic Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This SLA applies to academic accounts. If you are a free single academic user, please go here or if you are a commercial account, please go here.

Castor EDC and SMS
Academic Service Level Agreement


Your SLA includes:

  • Availability: 99%
  • Maximum resolution plan time critical functionality: 6 days*
  • Email response within 12 hours (average <2 hours)**
  • 24X7 basic phone support for institute system administrators only***
  • Advanced technical guidance: Can be purchased separately****


*Includes system access; creation of study databases; storage, modification, and accessibility of data (resolution plan or suitable work-around provided; times provided according to best effort)

**Weekdays from 9:00am – 2:00am CET/CEST and from 3:00am – 8:00pm EST/EDT (excluding regional holidays)

***24X7 basic phone support is to be used for reporting critical issues that require escalation (i.e., application outage) or for basic issues (“how to” questions, access management, password help, etc.)  — phone numbers can be found here. This service is intended for institute system administrators and not for end users.

****Includes support with creating calculations and automations; audit trail exports; study reviews and consultations



Additional Academic SLA Provisions

  1. Unless Client has specifically purchased a different service level (as indicated in a Quote or Service Order), the standard Academic service level will be applicable. The service levels shall be interpreted as follows:
    • “Availability” means the amount of time in percentages, as measured over the course of each calendar year during the term of this Agreement, wherein the Services were available for access and use by Client and its Authorized Users over the internet and operating in material accordance with this Agreement, excluding unavailability as a result of any of the exceptions described below in this Annex.

For additional provisions surrounding our SLAs, please click here.