It’s become second nature to search for health information on the internet. More than a decade ago, Ada Health GmbH (“Ada Health”) recognized this need and developed Ada Assess, an AI-driven tool for symptom assessment and healthcare navigation. Today, Ada Health is on a mission to support and guide its millions of users worldwide to make better-informed healthcare decisions.

An overview of Ada Health’s observational studies

To check the accuracy of Ada, the team needs to collect medical data from trusted sources so they can compare the patient’s symptoms, Ada’s suggested conditions, and physician’s final diagnosis. A panel composed of qualified physicians not affiliated with Ada Health, the so-called “Gold Standard Panel”, are given anonymized medical data collected in the study from both the Ada assessment and the healthcare provider. They then decide what would be the most appropriate diagnosis.

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  • Challenge

    Ada Health needs to collect real-world data from Ada Assess users across multiple countries for their observational clinical research.

  • Solution

    Castor’s clinical trial platform supports Ada Health’s research goals with patient-friendly surveys, easy-to-build eCRFs, and a flexible, compliant Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system.

  • Result

    Ada Health now has a growing body of real-world evidence with which to showcase their medical AI, with more observational, feasibility, and qualitative studies already underway.

How Castor’s solutions help Ada Health

In order to include a broad range of Ada Assess users hailing from all over the world, Ada Health needs to deploy its observational clinical research across multiple countries.

Despite Ada Health having an experienced and dedicated clinical studies team, a scalable solution was required to account for the distributed nature of their global users whilst maintaining adherence to the best research practice.

The Ada Health team needed a technology solution to help them run fast, cost-effective, and accurate clinical research. Here’s how Castor helps:

  • Castor allows Ada Health to design patient-friendly surveys which includes visual cues to nudge participants to complete all data fields: orange if incomplete and green once 100% complete.
  • Castor’s API integrations help the Ada team send assessment reports directly into the EDC with no manual entry.
  • Castor’s technology platform has all required certifications in place to operate on a global scale, which helps ensure Ada Health’s studies remain compliant.
  • Castor’s easy-to-build eCRFs help build templates that they can reuse and update for future trials. 

“If something is too difficult, people will skip steps,” says Marcel Schmude, a Clinical Study Physician on the Ada Health Clinical Studies team. When selecting an EDC, Ada prioritized ease-of-use and flexibility.

Castor’s API integrations help the Ada team send assessment reports directly into the EDC with no manual entry. They can also export data in an easy-to-read format so the Gold Standard Panel physicians get an anonymous overview of each patient.

The research team relies on Castor’s API documentation for technical guidance and ideas on how to implement more API integrations in future studies.

Having an EDC system that can keep everything together is very important to successful research – especially when there are many variables like different languages, changes of shift, etc.

Elizabeth Millen, Clinical Studies Project Manager at Ada Health 

At Castor, we’re proud to underpin Ada Health’s clinical research as they raise the bar for clinical accuracy, user accessibility, and industry regulation.

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