DIA 2024
Meet us at Booth #2327

June 16 – 20, 2024 | San Diego Convention Center

We’re charting a course for the San Diego Horizon

As DIA celebrates it’s 60th anniversary, we’re excited to be among the approx. 5,000 attendees from across the globe at this year’s DIA Global Meeting in California. This is a special industry event for us because of the particular focus on innovation, as we all work to reimagine current processes that better enhance health and well-being.

We’ll be at booth #2327 for the week, providing demos and showcasing our newest AI human-in-the loop AI capability.

Come and see Castor’s participant-facing technology in action. Schedule some time with one of our team members below for a more in-depth discussion.

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See it from a different perspective

At DIA Global, 2024, we’re launching our new Patient Journey Portal – a simulated patient experience using Castor’s direct-to-participant technology. This portal pulls back the curtain on our tech to:

  • Give you a glimpse into how your study might look on our system
  • Showcase the patient’s experience with Castor’s software
  • Provide you the opportunity to engage in it yourself and get a different perspective

This new portal will be available to try out all week at Booth #2327. Book a meeting with us or simply come by the booth at any point during the week and we’ll be happy to walk you through it!

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Innovation Theater - Introducing Castor CoPilot

Practical AI: Creating a future without manual data re-entry. June 17 | 12:15pm – 12:45pm PDT

This year on the Innovation Theater Stage at DIA, Derk Arts and Daniella Mulder will demonstrate our newest human-in-the loop AI capability, Castor CoPilot. This AI assistant reduces the need for manual data (re-)entry and source data verification, cutting down the time spent on manual, repetitive tasks.

As part of presentation we’ll be inviting two attendees up on stage to attempt to “Beat the AI” in data entry!

It’s not to be missed! Sign up for the event, below.

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Meet our team attending DIA Global Event 2024

Connect with us on a diverse range of topics, including decentralized trials, real world evidence, ePRO, artificial intelligence, the patient journey and more. We love talking about it all!

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Derk Arts

CEO & Founder Castor
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Conal Nolan

Senior Solutions Consultant
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Lewis Baird

Head of Global Sales
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Daniella Mulder

SVP of Professional Services
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Jess Potestivo

Senior Account Executive
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Ashton Choi

Director of Business Development
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Sarah Maine

Account Executive
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Floris Morang

Director of EMEA Sales
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Fay Covan

Senior Customer Success Manager
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Cole Egan

Customer Success Manager
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