Published on July 28, 2021

HOBOKEN, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Castor, a leading provider of clinical trial technology to democratize clinical research, today announced a full patient onboarding experience to enhance patient enrollment, from recruitment to first study visit.

The current patient enrollment process for clinical trials can be time-consuming and confusing. Building on Castor’s eConsent solution, patients can now experience a seamless transition on their journey from recruitment to screening, consent, and enrollment. A transparent, efficient enrollment experience lets participants know what is expected of them in the study – the better they understand their commitments, the higher study engagement, and lower dropout rates.

​​”When designing our DTx study with Castor, we knew creating a patient-centric and simple process was critical,” said Karina Palafox, Director, Clinical Data Management at Click Therapeutics. “Thanks to Castor, we were able to easily integrate eConsent with ePRO, and EDC for our study needs; we believe Castor’s approach will help lead to trial success and account for patient adoption of our approach to decentralized clinical trials and Click Therapeutics study technology.”

Castor’s patient-focused onboarding process is completed entirely through Castor’s DCT platform, to support both participants and investigators remotely or on-site. An all-in-one screening and enrollment solution designed around the patient experience, Castor’s eConsent solution can:

  • Recruit patients with a dedicated and customized study enrollment web portal
  • Pre-screen patients to ensure patients meet study criteria
  • Remotely or onsite consent patients with video virtual visit capabilities and digital signatures
  • Upon consent, randomize patients and collect study data with Castor’s Clinical Data Management Platform (EDC/CDMS)

“About one-third of patients drop out of clinical trials due to a lack of patient-centric design. Castor’s cloud-based platform improves the early study experience of investigators and patients by decentralizing clinical trials. We have seen by simplifying participant enrollment, our study sponsors are seeing improved retention in trials and reduced recruitment timelines,” said Derk Arts, Ph.D., M.D., CEO & Founder, Castor. “We are at the forefront of digital health transformation, and our scalable clinical trial solutions can accelerate drug development and improve patient engagement.”

To Learn More — Register for Castor & Lightship’s webinar: “It’s a matter of choice: Hybrid eConsent for On-Site or Remote Patient Enrollment.”

About Castor

Castor is a leading provider of decentralized and hybrid clinical trial solutions to democratize research. With the highest-rated eClinical platform for decentralized and hybrid clinical trials, Castor’s plug-and-play platform offers rapid deployment at scale, enabling researchers to create a trial in a matter of clicks, with easy enrollment, consent, and real-world data capture. Castor is bringing human-centered design to the clinical trial process, from recruitment to analysis, and improving the quality, security, and reusability of data for researchers worldwide. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter at @castor.


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