In this on-demand webinar, we take a look at Castor’s eConsent solution. As the clinical trial landscape evolves, the power of digital consent is more crucial than ever. It enhances diversity, empowers participants with education, drives quality data, and streamlines operations. With trial participants increasingly reliant on their technology, why not bridge the gap and meet them where they are?


  • eConsent Adoption: Get a stronger idea of where we are now and where we need to be in the future.
  • eConsent Effectiveness: Have a deeper understanding of Castor’s eConsent capabilities for patients, sponsors and sites.
  • New Features: Learn more about the latest features of Castor eConsent that can make a difference in your trials.
  • See it in Action: Grasp the practicality of Castor eConsent through specific case studies and a live demo.

What to expect:

  • Extract valuable insights from real-life case studies
  • Tap into our product team’s deep knowledge of eConsent technology
  • Understand how Castor’s eConsent can optimize your clinical trial.

Watch the webinar to get a deeper insight into Castor’s eConsent solutions.

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