Published on June 12, 2024

Castor Research Inc, New York City – June 13, 2024 – Castor, a leader in clinical trial technology solutions, today announced the launch of Castor CoPilot, an innovative human-in-the-loop AI tool designed to replace manual data re-entry and source data verification (SDV) processes in clinical trials. This cutting-edge solution is set to debut at the DIA Global Global Annual Meeting 2024 in San Diego, with a live demonstration by CEO Derk Arts, on Innovation Theater #3 at 12.15pm on Monday, June 17th.

Castor CoPilot employs advanced AI to automate and streamline data collection traditionally performed manually, thereby reducing the time required for data entry by up to 70% and eliminating the need for source data verification. The capability integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, supports risk-based monitoring, and is capable of being deployed in ongoing studies with minimal disruption.

Advancements and Collaborations:

As part of its Practical AI roadmap, Castor has previously launched the AI Study Builder and now introduces Castor CoPilot as its second major AI capability. These developments reflect Castor’s strategic use of technology to minimize manual work and enhance trial efficiency. Furthermore, Castor’s collaboration with Microsoft has been instrumental in leveraging cloud computing and AI technologies to support these innovations, ensuring scalability and security across its platform.

Impact on Clinical Research:

“The introduction of Castor CoPilot is a significant step forward in our mission to reduce repetitive, expensive and unfulfilling work in clinical trials that is burning out site staff” stated Dr. Derk Arts, CEO of Castor. “Our CoPilot is taking aim at the real problems in Clinical Research: lack of site staff and exploding site burden. A problem that will only get exacerbated by the hype around AI drug discovery.”

Castor CoPilot, seeks to reduce high turnover rates among site staff and clinical research associates by reducing the repetitiveness of day to day tasks, leading to improved job satisfaction and retention within the field. Its deployment is expected to increase operational margins by reducing the need for extensive manual data handling.

Castor has announced it will open a waitlist for interested sponsors looking to reduce burden in, initially, real-world-evidence studies. 

About Castor:

Castor is at the forefront of transforming clinical trials through practical applications of AI and innovative data solutions. Committed to advancing medical research, Castor leverages its technology to automate complex processes, prioritize patient safety, and comply with regulations. With a focus on AI development, including collaborations with major technology providers like Microsoft, Castor is dedicated to improving the clinical trial experience and outcomes.

For More Information:

Join the waitlist for Castor CoPilot HERE.

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