Published on June 24, 2021


Lightship and Castor, leading providers of decentralized clinical trial solutions, today announced a strategic partnership to run direct-to-patient (hybrid) clinical trials at scale. The partnership combines operational excellence in clinical studies and technology that delivers for the most complex clinical trials.

For decades, clinical trials have experienced low rates of participation relative to the distribution of a condition, which can impact the ability to access diverse patient populations and construct a representative sample. One of the main reasons for this is the high burden of participation that patients often experience.

Lightship’s end-to-end delivery model combined with an in-house care team provide the best possible patient experience in clinical trials. By partnering with Castor’s proven, globally compliant Decentralized Clinical Trial and Clinical Data Management platform Lightship is strengthening its commitment to deploying best-in-class virtual tools. Lightship’s focus on the patient at every step, from recruitment through to study completion and beyond, is supported by the Lightship patient application.

Lightship and Castor will work in close collaboration on clinical studies, providing a seamless experience for physicians, nurses, and study coordinators. The partnership enhances the speed and simplicity of building clinical studies, data integration, and real-time reporting.

“For both Castor and Lightship, the patient experience comes before anything else. Together we’re improving access to clinical trials for a more diverse range of patients globally, and enhancing the process for patients and clinicians,” said Sam Eells, Co-Founder at Lightship.

“This partnership further strengthens Lightship’s end-to-end service by helping to manage studies even more efficiently, with easy-to-use digital health technologies.”

“Lightship provides world-class services that are critical to conducting successful decentralized and hybrid trials. They’re an excellent partner for Castor and share our vision as we advance towards scalable DCT solutions that democratize and increase access to clinical research,” said Derk Arts, M.D., Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Castor.

About Lightship

Lightship is the virtual-first provider that is perfecting the way clinical trials get done. Because clinical research plays such a vital role in bringing life-enhancing and life-saving innovations to market, Lightship pursues operational excellence in clinical studies. Our end-to-end delivery model, our diversity of skill sets, and in-house care team ensure sponsor success and the best possible patient experience. Learn more about us at

About Castor

Castor is Democratizing Clinical Research with the highest-rated eClinical platform for decentralized and hybrid clinical trials. Castor’s plug and play platform offers rapid deployment at scale, enabling researchers to create a trial in a matter of clicks, with easy enrollment and real-world data capture. Castor is bringing human-centered design to the clinical trial process, from recruitment to analysis, and improving the quality, security and reusability of data for researchers worldwide.