Published on May 02, 2024

The latest report from Industry Standard Research (ISR), titled “eCOA/ePRO Benchmarking and Market Dynamics (5th Ed.),” presents a comprehensive overview of the current landscape and future directions for electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) and Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) platforms. This vital tool, increasingly favored over traditional paper methods, offers enhanced data quality, better user engagement, and faster clinical trial processes.

Surveying 119 experienced outsourcers, the report evaluates 24 key attributes of eCOA/ePRO platforms, offering insights into provider performance and highlighting trends that are shaping the sector. As eCOA and ePRO platforms become central in clinical trials, particularly in the wake of increased remote and decentralized trials, their evolution is closely monitored by regulatory bodies and healthcare providers alike.

One of the standout observations from the report is the performance of Castor, a leading provider of clinical trial technology solutions. Castor’s ePRO system has been ranked second overall for user satisfaction. This high ranking underscores Castor’s commitment to enhancing the ePRO and eCOA landscapes through significant investments, with a clear trajectory toward becoming the top provider next year.

The report highlights Castor’s platform for its exceptional ease of use for sites and patients, easy onboarding for patients, start-up timelines platform build speed. Particularly noteworthy is Castor’s achievement in leading the category for user-friendliness. This ranking reflects the platform’s design which emphasizes simplicity and flexibility, allowing patients to choose their preferred data input method, whether via app, web, or other digital means. Such features not only make it easier for patients to engage with clinical trials but also enhance compliance and the accuracy of the data collected.

Furthermore, Castor has been recognized for providing comprehensive technical support and training for sites, a critical factor as clinical settings increasingly rely on digital tools to manage trial data effectively. The report also praises Castor for its robust processes in handling data discrepancies, a vital aspect of maintaining data integrity in clinical research.

With over half of all clinical outcome assessments predicted to come from patients within the next two years—an increase from the current 45%—the importance of systems that prioritize patient usability cannot be overstated. Castor’s approach not only meets this demand but sets a benchmark for the industry.

Additionally, Castor has been rated highly across various performance categories, including system flexibility and data access, as well as the supportive nature and characteristics of staff. Such accolades underscore Castor’s role as a frontrunner in a market that is crucial for the future of healthcare research and patient treatment strategies.

As the industry continues to move towards more integrated and patient-centered data collection methods, the insights provided by ISR’s report are invaluable. They not only help providers like Castor gauge their performance against peers but also assist sponsors and CROs in making informed decisions about which platforms can best meet their trial needs.

For more detailed insights and to understand how Castor and other eCOA/ePRO providers are innovating in this space, the full ISR report is an essential resource for anyone involved in clinical trials and patient outcome assessments.

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