Published on October 13, 2015

Radboudumc has selected the data management application Castor Electronic Data Capture (EDC) of Ciwit B.V. for their clinical research. The university medical centre makes the application centrally and freely available to all researchers in order to comply with the international regulations for human research. On top of that, Radboudumc’s electronic health record (EHR) system called Epic, will be linked with Castor.

Castor and Radboudumc collaboration (logos)

Radboudumc’s department of Haematology has been using Castor for 1.5 years now for the benefit of their investigator driven (international multicentre) research. “Compared to other systems Castor is very user friendly, both for the user as for those responsible for building the database. We are receiving positive feedback from other sites that enter data into the databases built by us. Our trial department has clearly indicated the desire to continue working with Castor”, states the head of department prof. dr. Nicole Blijlevens.

Castor EDC is a user friendly ‘self-service’ solution that allows the researcher to work on its own, with centrally provided support. “With this approach, UMCs can not only guarantee high quality data, but also enables future (re)use of data by using standardised templates. I believe this is essential to scientific research across the globe”, says Derk Arts, founder of Ciwit B.V.

A link, based on open standards, will be set up with Radboudumc’s EHR system thus enabling easy processing of already available data. Therefore no additional manual data entry is required, which can be an inefficient and error-prone process. Ciwit’s goal is to set up links with all major EHR systems worldwide.

On Tuesday November 3 the cooperation will be festively announced by dean prof. dr. Paul Smits.

CEO Derk Arts signs the contract with Petra Rompelberg (Radboudumc Procurement)
CEO Derk Arts (right) signs the contract with Petra Rompelberg (Radboudumc Procurement, left)

For more information or questions please contact Derk Arts of Ciwit B.V. via 020 – 3374095 or

Source: Ciwit B.V.