Published on June 23, 2016

The VU Medisch Centrum (VUmc) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has obtained a Castor EDC site license beginning July 1, 2016. Like the Radboudumc before it, the VUmc opts to make Castor freely available to all its researchers. This will allow them to easily comply with international regulations for human research. Earlier this year a collaboration with the AMC in Amsterdam was also announced.

Derk Arts and Hans Brug shake hands after signing the site deal.
Derk Arts and Hans Brug sign the joint agreement

The driving force behind the procurement of the site license was the VUmc Clinical Research Bureau (CRB). Using Castor EDC, the CRB wants to further secure and improve the supporting infrastructure and quality of medical research in the VUmc. On the 23rd of June Derk Arts, Castor’s CEO and Hans Brug, dean of the VUmc, jointly signed the three-year agreement.

Prof. dr. Henk Verheul, medical oncologist and scientific director of the VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam indicates: “The quality of research data is of the utmost importance. Castor possesses advanced functionality, can handle large quantities of data but is also easy to use.”

Prof. dr. ir. Hans Brug, dean of the VUmc adds: “Data management is key for clinical research, and with Castor being so incredibly easy to use, it is the ideal system to deploy across the entire hospital.”

Castor EDC and VUmc pose after signing the deal
From left to right: Rob Konterman (Chief Operating Officer Castor), Derk Arts, Hans Brug and Henk Verheul

We look forward to welcoming all VUmc studies to Castor!