Rapid Post-Market Clinical Follow-Up (PMCF) Solution

Quickly deploy Castor’s Post-Market Clinical Follow-up (PMCF) solutions for your products.

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Capture and manage prospective and retrospective clinical data in the best-rated EDC platform

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Deploy in weeks

90% of studies in Castor are built and pass UAT in less than 4 weeks, significantly faster than the industry benchmark. Reuse eCRFs, surveys and data integration services across your Post-Market Clinical Follow-up (PMCF) projects to save more time.

Clinical Studies

Continuously capture data

Castor’s technology will support data capture for as long as your products are on the market. Castor’s flexible approach supports data capture outside the stringent protocols of clinical trials.


Connect and engage

Connect your devices through Castor’s API and push real-time performance data to the Castor platform. Engage your patients and physicians with ePRO and eCOA and track safety, performance and usage data on real-time dashboards.


Fulfilling your PMCF data requirements

Continuous data capture

  • Leverage Castor’s flexibility to capture data across your device’s lifetime
  • With over 300 running registries, Castor understands what it takes to capture data outside a controlled setting

Connect your device, engage your patients

  • Accelerate enrollment through eConsent
  • Survey your patients and physicians using Castor ePRO
  • Connect your devices using Castor’s API
  • Upload Lab or Image data with ease
  • Automate collection of EHR/EMR data directly from hospital systems

Real-time dashboards and notifications

  • Track safety, performance, and usage in real- time with interactive dashboards
  • Get immediate notifications in case of (adverse) events or off-label use

Direct to technical documentation

  • Generate high-quality data with input validation and dependencies
  • Reduce time spent on data cleaning and bring data directly into your reports and technical documentation

Your database, your approach

  • Castor’s flexibility enables you to choose between structured and unstructured data capture approaches
  • Capture data at the subject or device level

Jumpstart your proactive PMCF strategy

In collaboration with our medical device customers, we developed technology-driven, proactive approaches to meet PMCF requirements.

submission ready

Achieve MDR compliance through PMCF activities

Castor’s validated SaaS platform enables you to easily meet regulatory requirements for Post-Market Clinical Follow-up data capture.

Global regs

Stay in control of your PMCF projects

Designed with self-service in mind, Castor puts you behind the steering wheel of your data collection. Become vendor-independent and reduce costs by managing long-term projects yourself.


Let Castor support you across your projects

With a team of specialized experts, Castor can support you with study design, setup, conduct, and regulatory processes. Castor's experts will help you successfully use the EDC technology for your PMCF needs.

Cost effective

Reduce costs by leveraging PMCF bundles

Having multiple devices on the market can drive up costs for PMCF. With Castor's PMCF solution bundles, you can deploy a high-tech approach to PMCF for all your products while keeping costs low and managing increasing data complexity and volume.

Our customers love us

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"EDC system with multifunctional capabilities"

“It’s been great working with Castor, and their customer service always responds so promptly and is always super helpful. Easy data download process and great interface.”

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"Best value and also best product

“This product includes EVERYTHING you can find in all of the competing products, including the regulatory requirements, but is so much less expensive that it is not even worth checking out the other companies. This is my go to platform for all of my clients’ clinical trials.”


-Sharon Goldfarb, SGConsulting

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"Intuitive platform, easy to set up"

“We found Castor EDC very easy to set up on our own and use. We always get an answer straight away when we have questions. It’s a cost-effective alternative to paper CRFs and much safer and easier to use.”

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"Excellent features"

“Impressive flexibility, ability to customize forms with (almost) any imaginable feature/data flow. Castor EDC is a great product with prompt and knowledgeable customer support.”

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