In the rapidly growing clinical trial management systems market, the use of large language models such as the GPT models is gaining attention due to their potential to improve efficiency and streamline processes in clinical trials. One notable application is the use of chatbots to improve patient engagement and informed consent, with studies finding that chatbots can significantly improve patient comprehension and satisfaction with the process. However, there are concerns regarding bias in the language models, and researchers are exploring ways to develop more transparent and diverse models.

In this month’s Download with Derk, Castor founder & CEO, Derk Arts, explores how generative AI can assist in creating more understandable and engaging eConsent forms and how this technology can improve patient comprehension and satisfaction with the consent process, ultimately leading to better data quality.

As the technology continues to advance, we can expect to see more innovative applications of large language models in the clinical trial space. Watch the full video now!

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