Watch our on-demand product webinar as we spotlight new features and developments in the Castor platform so far this year. You’ll learn how Castor’s technology has been evolving to meet study needs, and we’ll give a preview of what’s to come from us in the second half of 2024. We present real use cases to demonstrate Castor’s solution improvements in areas such as eCOA, data entry, reports, and dashboards.


  • Improved Usability/Data Entry: React Migration, Numeric Rating Scale (NRS), and a new slider for EQ5D assessments.
  • Advanced Export Capabilities: Introduction of domain-based export options for more targeted data handling.
  • SDV Dashboard Enhancements: Updates to the Source Data Verification (SDV) dashboard and general dashboard refresh features.
  • Latest Updates in ePRO: New survey compliance report and a self-service option for PIN resets.


Discover how the latest updates can improve your day-to-day operations and user experience, and get a first look at what’s planned for the near future and how it could impact your role.Watch now!
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