Published on April 26, 2016

Three hospitals, the HagaZiekenhuis (Haga Teaching Hospital), the Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis and the Medical Centre Haaglanden Bronovo Nebo have selected Castor EDC and Castor SMS to support their medical scientific research. The three hospitals have signed an agreement allowing them to offer Castor freely to all their researchers.

Samenwerking Haga, RdGG en MCH-Bronovo

All three hospitals have been eager to better facilitate researchers’ needs when working on medical research, and have also wanted to simplify their research administration processes. In the supplier selection process, the three hospitals – as stated in their invitation to tender – were searching for “one supplier who can cater to the needs of the hospitals, who can think along with us, and who can contribute innovative ideas that will allow the hospitals to distinguish themselves in terms of quality of research as well as in terms of saving research data and accessibility of research data”. Aside from functionality and price, customer focus was an important part of the evaluation.

Castor was chosen as the top contender due to its expertise, security focus and drive towards innovation.

“Castor has experience with research and data management.”

Diana Grootendorst

According to Diana Grootendorst, Science Coordinator and Senior Clinical Epidemiologist at the MCH-Bronovo, it was Castor’s expertise that was the decisive factor. “Castor, with CEO Derk Arts at the helm, has experience both with research ánd with data management. This became clear early on, when we suggested alterations to the product, they understand what we mean immediately. They always know exactly what we’re talking about: they don’t just understand the problem, but they also always come up with suggestions for improvement.”

Geke Blok

Patient safety and quality are the most important parameters at the Reinier de Graaf Hospital. Geke Blok, Head of Medical Education and Science says: “Castor supplies us with a secure, high-quality data management program that supports our research ambitions very well.”

“The drive to be innovative was most apparent with Castor.”

Innovation is one of the characteristics often associated with the HagaZiekenhuis, and Castor fits in with this very well. Friso Duynstee, Data Manager at the Haga Academy, says: “The drive to be innovative was most apparent with Castor. They are continuously improving their software and always listen closely to their users, to make sure the software is in accordance with workplace needs.”

Castor EDC is ready to use, and Castor SMS will be custom-made for these three hospitals midway through 2016. Would you like to find out what Castor can do for your organisation? Have a look here for Castor EDC or Castor SMS.