Published on May 24, 2016

Meander Medisch Centrum (MC) in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, is making Castor EDC and Castor Study Management System (SMS) accessible to all its researchers through a site license. Pieternel Pasker-de Jong, Science Officer and senior epidemiologist at Meander MC, explains their choice: “The fact that the applications are so user-friendly, the affordable prices, and the flexibility of the Castor team, made us choose Castor over other options.”

“User friendliness, affordable pricing and the flexibility of the Castor team made us choose Castor.”

Photo from the entrance of the Meander MC

Researchers at Meander MC have already been using Castor EDC for their data management for quite some time on an individual basis. Pieternel: “Excel and SPSS are not always suitable for collecting data for clinical studies. We’re thrilled to be able to now offer an application to our researchers that complies with all the relevant regulations (such as GCP).”

“It is really easy to work within one system from different locations.”

Pieternel: “We do a lot of multicentre research together with, for example, the UMC Utrecht. Castor makes it really easy to work within the same system from different locations. Researchers will often indicate that they prefer to work directly in SPSS when conducting monocenter research. However, when they do try Castor they all tell me that creating their eCRF was incredibly simple. Another plus is that the Castor support team always answer any questions we have immediately!”

In order to follow the progress of all the in-house studies as well, Meander MC chose to use Castor SMS. Pieternel: “Since Castor SMS aligns with the way we work at Meander, it will be easy for us to start using the application as soon as possible.”

We are looking forward to welcoming all the Meander MC studies in Castor!