Ultromics is an innovative diagnostics software company that develops cardiovascular imaging solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Building on research started at the University of Oxford, Ultromics designed the first cloud service for fully-automated strain and ejection fraction analysis, which helps physicians detect cardiovascular disease by quickly and accurately interpreting echocardiograms. 

Headquartered in the UK with offices in the US, they are primarily a software company that focuses on AI development and offers software as a medical device at the intersection of diagnostics and telemedicine. 

Learn more about how Ultromics entrusted the Castor team with their secure data capture needs:

  • Industry

    Digital Health/Therapeutics

  • Challenge

    Ultromics needed to collect remote data securely with a modern, user-friendly EDC system.

  • Solution

    Castor provided a user-friendly solution with excellent documentation, support, and custom eCRFs

  • Results

    EchoGo is now available, with over 711,087 images scanned at the time of writing

The Challenge

Ultromics’ cloud service for echocardiography analysis, known as EchoGo, aims to improve cardiovascular disease diagnosis by producing a quick and accurate analysis delivered through the cloud, eliminating the burden of using and maintaining software on site.

The system has been built with an AI model which has been trained with hundreds of thousands of images to produce accurate findings for cardiovascular disease, including quantification of the left ventricular, strain and ejection fraction parameters, and predictive reports for coronary artery disease.

The system is continuously being improved by adding more data from leading clinical specialists, to optimize its AI-powered imaging solution.

A priority for Ultromics was selecting an electronic data capture (EDC) system for use with EchoGo which would them help manage their data and provide a more scalable process for data capture for analysis.

Ultromics sought a state-of-the-art clinical data management system that would meet the following criteria: 

  • Data security
    Full transparency on its compliance with all ISO specifications and security standards.  
  • Ease of use
    A user-friendly EDC that was quick to deploy, with full system support.
  • Modern technology
    Modern technology to support their business and aesthetic.
  • Team culture fit
    Compatible cultural fit who shared similar workplace values.
  • Clear documentation
    Comprehensive documentation on data entry and monitoring was essential to assist their busy workplace environment.  Bonus points if it was also easily reproducible, editable, and shareable to accelerate clinical research and keep team members updated. 

The Solution

Ultromics evaluated many electronic data capture systems on the market, including REDCap and OpenClinica, but they did not meet the needs of Ultromics’ cloud service. Their collaboration with the University of Oxford led them to Castor, who recommended the solution as a reliable software that matched all of Oxford’s needs.

After careful evaluation, Ultromics selected Castor for their EDC and monitoring solutions, as they provided their “must-haves,” including a user-friendly interface and a supportive, engaged team. Additionally, the Castor team had the necessary expertise to customize Ultromics’ eCRF precisely to their needs. 

“We knew that if we went with Castor, we would have the support we needed moving forward, and would be able to discuss future studies and develop the tool to meet the needs of both current and future projects,” said Nancy Spagou, PhD, Chief Operations Officer at Ultromics.

The Result

The Castor EDC implementation went smoothly, and Ultromics has been a happy customer since November 2018.

Castor was able to meet their top priorities:

  • Full transparency on its compliance with ISO certification, as security remains a constant focus.
  • An interface that is much more user-friendly and modern compared to competitors.  
  • A positive team culture, which has helped make this a successful partnership.  
  • Excellent quality and invaluable Castor documentation, including data entry guides and user guides.

The Future

Ultromics is growing rapidly and is working on  new breakthroughs in the cardiovascular space as well as global research collaborations.

In addition to developing it’s AI algorithm to improve EchoGo, they are planning to update the system with a stress echo module that provides diagnosis support for coronary artery disease (EchoGo Pro). They also plan to explore new diseases and mobile ultrasound which will involve large projects at a global scale.

As their technology advances, Ultromics will use Castor EDC for their data collection and management.


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