In the world of oncology, each cancer patient’s journey is distinct with continuous changes in illness and treatment cycles. These complexities can make it difficult to capture Quality of Life (QOL) realistically and effectively – a metric crucial for treatment efficacy. Traditional methods often fall short, leading to disjointed and impractical data collection in the real-world. 

Featured Experts:

  • Ari Gnanasakthy: Principal Scientist, Patient-Centered Outcomes Assessment, RTI Health Solutions.
  • Derk Arts: Founder & CEO, Castor.



  • Embracing BYOD for authentic QOL measurements.
  • Implementing adaptable protocols for real-time adjustments.
  • Measuring treatment tolerability to prevent drop-offs.
  • Determining what and when to assess for maximum relevance.
  • Managing late-emerging adverse events with agility.
  • Navigating the complex regulatory landscape.


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