It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation. Yet, adoption of decentralized clinical trial approaches remains slow. Narrowing the gap will require researchers to leverage innovative approaches to reaching candidates, interacting in authentic ways, and engaging enrollment. This will lean on emerging technologies to reduce the barriers to access and give participants control over their contribution.  During this webinar, speakers will debunk common myths associated with novel approaches to data collection using technology and highlight strategies to improve the patient-experience, without compromising quality, speed or cost. 

Please watch this webinar from ixlayer and Castor to find out where some of the hesitancy in running a decentralized clinical trial lies, and how to address these concerns to run a DCT effectively.

Watch as Kristen and Shawn discuss:

  1. The hesitations from both sponsors and patients when it comes to running or participating in a DCT
  2. How vendors and sponsors can increase patient engagement and retention in a DCT
  3. Strategies to overcome obstacles to implementing DCT approaches

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