The benefits of decentralized clinical trials not only begin with a higher success rate in clinical trial data collection— the benefits extend to patients by simplifying their journey through their involvement in clinical trial phases. The nature of decentralized clinical trials has the added benefit of reducing site burden, which ultimately leads to better care for all patients and fewer roadblocks to proper implementation of clinical trial phases that require the use of site resources. 

By leveraging technology and data-science driven approach to patient enrollment, sponsors of clinical research can overcome traditional clinical research challenges and accelerate their trial timelines.

Join Trialbee’s Head of Product, Martin Kilsgård, and Castor’s Chief Clinical Development Officer, Kimberly Tableman as they discuss best practices for patient enrollment in decentralized clinical trials.

Key learning points:

  1. Leverage technology to expand access to clinical research
  2. Increase transparency of enrollment to lower costs and increase efficiencies
  3. Reduce site burden with real-time analytics to quickly move patients through the enrollment process

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