Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs) are getting much attention due to recent global events. The need for trial continuity in a world of restricted movement and distancing has disrupted the traditional location-centric clinical trial model, and DCT technology is the enabler. Though DCT technologies have existed for several years, they are now at the forefront.

This playbook is a tool for sponsors and CROs who want to leverage DCT technology to support remote interactions in their clinical studies. We hope this playbook helps your selection, planning, and prioritization as you move into the exciting world of DCTs.

In this playbook:

  1. Learn which study areas leverage DCT technology
  2. Identify key DCT tools
  3. Learn why Castor is your DCT technology solution
  4. Other DCT considerations including support, training, communications, and IRB approvals
  5. Seven steps to getting started with a DCT technology partner
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