Published on April 28, 2021

We’ve had a defining 18 months at Castor. Not only in terms of commercial success, but also in realizing over 50% team growth. 2020 began with just under 50 employees, and we’re now excited to welcome our 100th Castorian! 

Castor continues to scale-up rapidly. As we plan to welcome another 30 team members in the coming months, this felt like a rewarding opportunity to reflect on the Castor of the past, and that of the future. 

Behind the scenes at Castor, we truly value a happy and healthy team. We asked for the reflections of our CEO, a ‘Castor Veteran,’ and our very excited ‘100th’ hire as we reach this culture enriching milestone:

When you founded Castor, did you expect the company would grow to 100 employees?

I did not! I even said at some point 50 people would be big enough in my opinion, and when that came close, I said 150 is the absolute max. 

By now, I’ve learned not to make such claims anymore because when you get “there” the world is a very different place than what you expected, and I would not want to miss one single Castorian now that we got this big!

One of Castor’s core values is to ‘achieve anything with a happy and healthy team.’ Do you think this has played a part in the business’s successful growth?

Absolutely, I think it’s been essential to getting this far. Any “leaders” who don’t understand the importance of taking care of their people are a) not real leaders, in my opinion, and b) often fail (but there are exceptions).

What does this milestone mean to you?

It means we are actually doing something useful and important that is making a difference to a lot of people in the world. And on a more personal level, I am just extremely proud to see so many purpose-driven, smart people around me!

How long have you been at Castor, and what keeps you excited to continue working as a Castorian?

What a delight to already be called a veteran only after four years working for the same company!

Besides the fact that I am part of a team that is building the product, which really excites me, I like the freedom and responsibility that the company gives me. 

It is also great to see that we are able and willing to learn and adapt quickly. It is nice to work together with a motivated team. There is always a certain level of pressure and urgency that keeps me going. Sure, it can be a bit challenging now and then, but at least there is never a dull moment!

During your time at Castor, what have you seen change?

Oh my, what has not changed!? In general,  we are now hiring people for specific tasks they have knowledge for instead of wearing multiple hats yourself, trying to figure things out.

And those days when we were all packed in one office room, with a cute little coffee drip machine, having ‘lunch duty’ tasks, and going to house viewings on behalf of our abroad interns all feels so far away.

Would you say this continued growth has affected Castor’s commitment to its workplace culture?

I think the company is doing a great job maintaining its culture, despite the continuous growth and remote work due to the pandemic!

What was the main reason you decided to join the Castor team?

I decided to join the Castor Team to be part of a growing environment with the common goal of improving accessibility and maximizing the impact of data, which will eventually help speed up the pace of medical research and scientific breakthroughs.

You’re employee number 100 at Castor! How does that make you feel?

I am very excited to join Castor at such an important milestone and can’t wait to celebrate with the team in person. Congrats to everyone at Castor!

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