Published on May 21, 2021

As Castor continues to grow internationally, our team has exciting opportunities and faces unique challenges when bringing our scalable decentralized trial technology to researchers.

We sat down with two of our Directors of Business Development to find out what their work involves, why they are passionate about being Castorians, and a part of Castor’s purpose-driven mission..

What are the core elements of your role at Castor?

As a Business Development Director, I am tasked with connecting with prospective customers and partners.  I am their go-to person in helping them understand all Castor has to offer from both an eClinical technology perspective, as well as a consultative aspect.  BDDs are responsible for generating new business and expanding current customers’ needs.

What support functions are in place that “set you for success” as a Business Development Manager at Castor?

The onboarding process has been smooth and stress-free. There are people and tools at your fingertips to help you get started.  You are assigned a mentor to guide you throughout the onboarding experience.  Plus a sales training team focused on providing you with all of the information you need to tackle your role!  Castor Academy is extremely helpful in bringing you up to speed on all of Castor’s products with easy tutorials that are available for you to onboard at your own pace.

As a sales professional, what excites you about Castor’s software?

I am excited about Castor’s modern technology. This allows for an innovative mindset; quick and nimble changes and advances. Powerful APIs where the sky’s the limit!

In your own words, what sets Castor apart from the competition?

The modern technology (mentioned above) paired with a group of passionate leaders! 

What would you say to encourage others to join Castor?

If you want to join a team where you can make a difference, Castor is the place for you.  The people, the technology, the support, the encouragement, the vision, the future!

How would you describe a typical day in your role?

As a Business Development Director, I regularly interact with the customers I am working with and prospect for new clients looking for solutions. In addition, I try to carve out part of my day trying to coach the BDR team and new AE hires with my know-hows

Where are your fellow Castorians based, and how do you connect with them?

My colleagues are located all over the world! Just to list a few, I have colleagues that I regularly collaborate with based in Seattle, Washington, California, Upstate New York, New Hampshire, Amsterdam, UK, North Carolina, and New York City. I try to keep in contact with them through Slack and set up a time to check-in 1:1 or through our weekly sales team meetings.

What types of customers are you typically interacting with?

It’s all over the place. However, if there is one common denominator between all customers I am interacting with, they are thought leaders in the space looking to bring innovation to our industry. Our industry is known to be very conservative and slow to adopt new technology tools. Still, the customers I have worked with are not afraid to push the boundaries and adopt innovative approaches to make clinical trials more data-driven and patient-centric.

In your own words, what sets Castor apart from the competition?

Most of our competition is heavily focused on just traditional CDMS platforms supporting traditional workflows that have been in place for 20+ years. Castor tries to disrupt the market by taking a more technology-driven approach to provide solutions that not only support existing workflows but push the boundaries for clinical research to utilize the abundance of new technology available, such as IoT.

What excites you about Castor’s vision for the future of clinical research?

Castor has a larger vision of not just being another EDC, ePRO, or eConsent vendor in the market but a catalyst for innovation with the API-first system architecture. System interoperability with IoT, EHR, and other data sources will be a must-have in the near future. I feel Castor is much better prepared than some of the other eClinical vendors that have been in the market since the 90s and early 2000s.

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