Published on September 17, 2019

An electronic data capture (EDC) system that is easy to use and increases your team’s efficiency is instrumental in accelerating medical research. To make our platform even more user-friendly, we introduced several new and exciting changes in the Castor EDC app.

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We’ve got a brand new look

We redesigned the Castor EDC navigation and it’s better than ever before. It’s now a piece of cake to navigate and is compatible with any device. Here is a summary of this and other design updates: 

1. New and improved app navigation that also supports assistive technologies such as screen readers.

2. New My Studies page to easily navigate, find, and manage multiple studies.

3. Improved readability and accessibility of content with clearer layouts, updated color palettes, and more.

4. Guidance screens to help new users familiarize themselves with Castor.

Curious about the changes? Watch our release webinar for a quick walkthrough!

New features

Along with the improved design, we also released some new features. Here are the highlights: 

1. Big news for file uploads 

Are your medical imaging files and videos stored all over the place and separate from your study data? With Large File Upload, you can now upload files up to 2GB to your study using Castor EDC’s secure and compliant platform. Contact us if you’re interested in enabling this feature for your study.

2. Finding a needle in a haystack of studies 

Seamlessly manage, sort, and filter your studies using the new and improved Study Filters. You can also easily archive old or completed studies (don’t worry, you can always unarchive them later!)

3. Ironclad security against data breaches

Suffering from weak/stolen passwords? You’re not alone. 81% of data breaches are due to poor passwords. With Two-Factor Authentication at a study level, Castor EDC admins can now ensure an additional layer of protection against breaches. 

Our team is constantly innovating our platform to help medical researchers capture high-quality data. Here’s a video of our CEO, Dr. Derk Arts, sharing news of our latest enhancements and accomplishments.

You can find detailed descriptions of the new design and features in our release notes.

Excited to try out the new Castor EDC app? Create a free trial and tell us what you think! 

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