Published on February 05, 2020

We are very excited to announce the launch of the Castor Academy – our new eLearning platform. We created the Castor Academy to help our new users get started with Castor EDC and to understand the many features it offers.

What is Castor Academy?

The Castor Academy contains a structured series of videos with step-by-step instructions for each selected Castor feature. After each section you will receive a practical assignment to get hands-on experience with what you have learned.



Some lessons contain optional reading resources if you would like to deepen your knowledge on a particular feature or topic. Finally, you can take quizzes to see how you are progressing with the course. Quizzes are also essential if you would like to obtain a certificate of completion.

What can you learn?

The Academy currently offers different courses suitable for various roles:

Getting started with Castor: during this short course you will learn how to register an account, set up two-factor authentication, and select a server – all the essentials needed to get started with Castor EDC.

Study building and management: this course is suitable for study admins and study builders. You will learn how to create a study in Castor from scratch. This course also teaches you how to manage your study after it is launched. Data entry: here you will get knowledge and practical experience on how to enter data in Castor forms in the most effective way. Other topics such as sending surveys and exporting data are also covered in this course.

Monitoring: in this course you will learn the key features of the monitoring module in Castor including how to work with queries, reviewing important safety data, and performing source data verification.

How can you start learning?

To enroll in Castor Academy, simply create a separate Castor EDC account using the registration link. After you have signed up, you can choose to enroll in one of the courses. After successfully completing each course, you will receive a complimentary certificate. The option to receive a certificate free of charge will be valid until the 1st of July 2020.

Please note that the older Castor Workshop ( will be deprecated and will no longer be available after the 31st of March 2020. If you have linked to any documentation in the Workshop, you can replace the links by forwarding them to the Castor YouTube channel (Castor Workshop playlist) where the old Workshop videos will be hosted.

We will be adding more courses on the platform in the near future, so stay tuned!

Is there any particular course you would like to see in the Academy? Let us know by sending an email to

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