Published on October 03, 2017

As part of the 2017.6 release, the automation engine has been added as a beta feature! You can enable beta features by selecting “Yes” to enable beta features in the Settings tab.

The automation engine is designed to increase your efficiency while using Castor EDC. You will be able to automate repetitive events which will result in  and less time spent performing tedious manual tasks. All you will need is an event, a condition, and a resulting action!

Let’s say you want to send an initial background information survey package to male participants who are over the age of 25. You can use the Automation engine to help you with this! Select “Email Address Added to record Event” as the event, gender is male and age greater than 25 as the conditions, and finally, select the action “Create and send survey package”. It’s as easy as that!

The automations that are currently available are sending survey packages, adding a query, or showing or hiding a step when a new email is inputted into the system or a certain field is updated. You can add conditions so that the actions only occur when all of the conditions have been met.

We are working hard to offer additional automated tasks such a executing timed events, hiding reports, and sending conditional emails!

The Automation Engine Manual can be found here.