Published on March 15, 2021

To make medical research smarter and faster, and build top-notch products to support decentralized clinical trials, we pay close attention to diversity & inclusion in  Castor’s Product and Engineering teams. Therefore, we’re launching the Castor D&I interview series, where Castorian women in technology share their experiences and thoughts on making the workplace more inclusive.

Elena Tanturovska,  QA Automation Engineer

When you were little, who did you aspire to become when you grew up?

I didn’t have an idol, but I was always impressed and proud of my aunt, how she carries herself with confidence, and how smart she is. I guess that was my goal while growing up, to be free to speak my mind, be confident in what I bring to any table, and make wise choices like her. 

What got you interested in technology?

I found my true calling after I signed up for a Software Engineering Bachelor rather than continuing on the paved path from high school to become an economist. I was very interested in the studies, and that’s when a whole new world opened up for me. I tried something new, and it paid off, the best decision I ever made! I am glad my little sister follows my steps now.

What is it like to be a woman working in technology for you?

To be honest, I have never felt that my gender is the most interesting thing about me at the workplace. Working hard and striving for greatness separates a professional from the crowd, and I’ve always focused on this aspect.  While owning my femininity, I haven’t been judged or promoted just because I am a woman.

It is noticeable that there are far fewer women working/studying in technology, but I also notice that this is changing year by year, and I am proud to live during this change.

When I started my studies, the gender ratio of females for this specialization was 10%,  and that number went down by the time I graduated. In comparison,  my sister is currently a part of the 40% of women studying engineering in her university.  Women are detail-oriented, and we need more of that!

What is  your current role at Castor, and the most exciting part of your work?

I joined Castor as  Quality Assurance Automation Engineer three months ago because I wanted to be a part of an organization with a great purpose. I learn so much about medical trials every day! It brings me happiness to contribute to delivering a high-quality, reliable system to be used by our customers with my expertise. 

At Castor, we aim towards having a more diverse workplace. What do you think companies can do to encourage more women to choose careers in tech?

One way to encourage more women to pursue a tech career is to develop a closer working relationship between companies and academic institutions. That way, women could have a greater understanding of the variety of roles on offer if they choose to pursue a career in tech.

If you could look back five years and speak to your younger self, what advice about a career in technology would you give?

Three magic words: Go for it!

Are there any resources you use to keep updated on technology and can recommend?

I enjoy attending webinars and code talks whenever I can. Blogs, articles, conversations with my colleagues are also great resources for inspiration! Anything that sparks my curiosity is enough for me to start with my research and learn something new.

To wrap things up, can you tell us a fun fact about you?

I haven’t met a cat that didn’t like me 🙂

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