How Castor supports research continuity during COVID-19

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Patient FileEnrollment, Engagement, and Retention

Enrollment and retention of participants will suffer during the pandemic, so take advantage of Castor’s easy-to-use enrollment portal, which can be customized to match the look and feel of your study messaging. After entering your inclusion criteria and informed consent documentation, participants are invited to the eConsent platform and are shown the informed consent form upon registering. Participants who elect to consent receive a screening survey, and the participant is added to the EDC platform, all automatically.


  • Solutions optimized for decentralized and hybrid trials
  • Easy to use ePRO form builder – no coding necessary, just point and click.
  • Capture informed consent remotely with Castor eConsent.
  • Video calls on our participant engagement portal strengthen personal connections (coming soon)
  • Native app push notifications promote prompt response (coming soon)
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cloud uploadRemote Data Collection

Many jurisdictions around the world have implemented travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders, so now is the time to simplify remote data capture. Our platform  streamlines data capture through ePRO, eCOA, ePerfO, eClinRo, and eObsRO, all of which automatically link to a single record in Castor EDC, and can be easily configured to remind participants when it’s time to submit new responses.

Our open API enables direct connection to internet-of-things (IoT) enabled devices, and we partner with vendors who can deliver these devices directly to participants so your research can continue unimpeded.


  • COVID-19 research platform, providing a single integrated system to study COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. Includes an online enrollment portal for patients, an eConsent module, and a Symptom Tracker app compatible with Android and Apple devices.
  • Implement remote data capture directly from devices in the homeCastor’s API enables direct data capture from medical devices and apps across a wide variety of products
  • Robust survey tool for creating and collecting data from ePRO, eCOA, ePerfO, eClinRO and eObsRO forms
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serviceCastor Professional Services

The key to mitigating research disruptions during the pandemic will be deploying remote data capture solutions quickly and effectively. With Castor Professional Services, you’re never on your own. Our product experts can support each portion of study setup within Castor, and can ensure you’re capturing high-quality data from study initiation through to your endpoints.


  • Complete study build and eCRF design
  • Personalized study consultation, validation, and maintenance
  • Study data migration from Excel, SPSS, REDCap, OpenClinica, Medidata, and others
  • Product training and help integrating Castor with your EHR and study management systems.
  • Medical coding and data management
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shieldRegulatory Compliance

In the rush to move trials to remote and decentralized operations, it is critical to make sure your digital tools are compliant with all regulations required in clinical research. Many tools, including popular conferencing apps, are not compliant with these regulations. 


  • Castor EDC is currently free to organizations conducting new COVID-19 studies. Use a fully-functional solution that is compliant with regulations including HIPAA (US), GDPR (EU), 21 CFR Part 11 (US), and Annex 11 (EU)
  • Castor’s Study Management System will track all your changes, maintain compliant study documents, and refer to one source of truth when things are changing rapidly
  • Check Castor’s blog for news and analysis on the regulations that impact our users
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