As the patient recruitment needs of clinical trials grow more complex in our diversifying population, so do the processes around recruitment itself. In addition to an evolving regulatory environment for patient consent, researchers are often faced with a multitude of logistical challenges in order to recruit, pre-screen, and get consent from participants. How do you find the right patients at scale while giving every patient a sense of individual comfort as they take part in clinical trials? 

From recruitment, pre-screening, consent and data capture, listen in as thought leaders from Castor, Link2Trials, and Essity share learnings from a recent case study on how leveraging the right technology and partnerships can streamline your next clinical trial. 

Key Learning Points

  1. The importance of interoperability to reduce site and patient burden
  2. Considerations for integrating multiple data sources to create a seamless patient experience
  3. Strategies for navigating regulations in patient recruitment and decentralized clinical trials

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