The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated rapid digitization of everyday activities across the world, and the clinical research industry is no exception. Research organizations have accelerated plans for digital transformation from years to months to weeks. Adopting decentralized methods in this space is not an option; it’s now a requirement for normal operations.

As part of the research industry’s pandemic response, decentralized and hybrid trials are garnering much attention. Download this white paper to learn the following:

  • Steps research organizations are taking to decentralize aspects of their trials
  • Legal and regulatory considerations for using remote research methods
  • Mistakes to avoid when constructing or converting to a decentralized model
  • Key considerations for choosing a decentralized software vendor

In this white paper, we’ll also discuss how a patient-centric approach positively influences the success of studies. With appropriate technology, participants can engage in research from the comfort of their own homes. By easing burdens such as travel for site visits, removing geographic and logistical constraints to participation, and using electronic data capture, sponsors benefit from the following:

  • Shortened enrollment timelines
  • Increased participant retention
  • Higher quality data 
  • Overall faster development cycles

    Download this white paper to help advance your research during COVID-19 and beyond.


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