Published on August 23, 2021

In short, eConsent is the electronic or digital version of informed consent—one of the first interactions that participants have with a study.

econsent electronic signature graphic

Therefore, eConsent must meet all the criteria of informed consent, simply removing the paper from the site and instead using a mobile device or computer to provide consent instead.

Remote eConsent represents a paradigm shift, where consent can be obtained remotely in the comfort of a participant’s home, local clinic, or anywhere else convenient. It allows participants to be screened, give consent, and enroll in clinical trials remotely without the burden of visiting a research site.

As eConsent platforms mature, exciting new interactive and visual features are being added to increase participant engagement and comprehension, such as:

  • Audio recordings
  • Images & videos
  • Video calling
  • Screen readers 

However, even robust engagement materials are not meant to replace the important discussion between the participant and site staff. The clinical research site will continue to play a critical role in the consenting process.

Castor’s remote eConsent solution is a powerful platform that puts the participant at the center of the consent process and reduces the workload for site staff. Reach out to one of our friendly Castorians to find out how our remote eConsent solution can set up your next study for success.

Electronic Informed Consent (eConsent) Software for Clinical Trials

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