Published on May 30, 2017

With large quantities of patients, extensive calling lists, SMS reminders and more, keeping track of a research project can be challenging. We are excited to announce that Castor has recently partnered with Ldot to help guard the progress of your study. In this blogpost, we will explain what Ldot is and how it can make your life as a researcher easier.

What is Ldot?

Ldot (pronounced “L-dot”) (Logistics; L.) is a web-based tool to guide you through the logistical pathways of your research projects. Ldot provides real-time overview of action items and tells you what tasks needs to done, when and by whom. With the Ldot Study Builder, you can create your own business rules and schedule to ensure your study process runs smoothly and efficiently.

ldot screenshot

You can seamlessly integrate Ldot to manage your study schedule with Castor EDC.

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Benefits of Using Ldot

By using Ldot, you can build your own schedule that fits your research needs and preferences perfectly. Ldot also allows you to:

Simplify the execution of daily tasks in large studies and/or complex protocols

  1. Have an immediate insight into study status pro-active and visualize progress
  2. Standardize protocol execution
  3. Minimize required team efforts
  4. Secure central storage of logistical data



Still not convinced that Ldot can help you keep track of your research progress? Ldot also offers a wide range of different features. These features include:

  • GCP compliant (Good Clinical Practice guidelines)
  • WBP compliant (Dutch Data Protection Act)
  • Secure data storage (NEN-7510 certified)
  • Secure and extended user role management
  • Compatible for multicentre projects
  • Build your own schedule


More Information

For more information Contact us or visit the Ldot website to get started now.

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