The world may have changed seemingly overnight, but clinical research and medical innovation must continue now more than ever. This webinar, presented on International Clinical Trials Day, discusses how to decentralize your trials in order to keep them going during the COVID-19 pandemic. Decentralized and hybrid clinical trials (DCTs) offer a more patient-centric approach in which fewer clinic visits are required and patient and caregiver burden are reduced. During this time, DCTs are critical to maintain patient safety, data quality and research continuity.

Featuring Craig Lipset, former Head of Clinical Innovation at Pfizer, Kai Langel, Director of Clinical Innovation at Janssen, Paul Bodfish, VP of Corporate Services at the Medical Research Network, and Derk Arts, MD, PhD, Founder and CEO of Castor.

The experts discuss the following topics:

  1. Issues faced by clinical researchers due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. The approach, benefits and challenges of conducting decentralized & hybrid trials
  3. A guide to implementing remote enrollment, screening, eConsent and data capture
  4. How to engage with patients via ePRO, native diary apps and video calls
  5. How to combine data from eCRF, eCOA, ePRO, wearables and EHR data into one platform

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