For more than 80 years, the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) has upheld the standards for medical specialty certification to support the delivery of high-quality patient care. The ABMS and its 24 Member Boards certify more than 860,000 physicians in 37 specialties and 86 subspecialties. Upon completion of medical training, physicians must meet specific standards to be initially Board Certified and are evaluated at intervals to maintain their Board Certification throughout their careers. These rigorous standards establish trust with the public and ensure that standards of care continually improve in the United States.

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  • Challenge

    Circulating long lists of research questions to physicians

  • Solution

    Sequenced delivery of assessments

  • Result

    Gathering data to improve patient care

Challenge: Circulating long lists of research questions to physicians

David Price (MD, FAAFP, FACEHP), Senior Vice President at ABMS Research and Education Foundation, explained that the foundation supports the scientific and educational mission of ABMS. ABMS seeks to evaluate how its programs for MOC (Maintenance of Certification) are working for patients and clinicians, with the ultimate goal of helping physicians deliver the highest quality of care to patients.

One major challenge was that a long list of research questions examining a variety of processes needed to be circulated among the physicians at regular intervals throughout the year.  A skilled team, including Helene Biernacki and members from the IT department, evaluated over 30 different tools before selecting Castor EDC based on a range of factors, including security and compliance, usability, functionality, flexibility, ease-of-use, and cost.  

Solution: Sequenced delivery of assessments

The initial work focused on collecting regular, sequenced delivery of longitudinal assessments of physician knowledge and judgment. Research has shown that “spaced, sequenced learning facilitates higher knowledge retention and enables clinicians to remain current with new knowledge for high-quality patient care,” explained Dr. Price.

By administering a series of surveys on a quarterly basis to its physicians using Castor ePRO, the Board will be able to assess the relevance, usability, and perceived impact of its programs.

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Efficiently capturing feedback from physicians

Dr. Price expressed how they were impressed with Castor EDC’s responsiveness and the handling of all inquiries. Additionally, Dr. Price shared that the Castor EDC working relationship has gone smoothly to date and is eager to see how their project unfolds. Castor EDC is proud to welcome the American Board of Medical Specialties to the family!

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